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  1. Mini Groover

    For Sale Soccer Cards For Sale!

    I've got some unwanted cards at the moment and I'm selling these. The prices will be listed below and postage will be $2.:thumbsup: Mauro Boselli Star Signing $1.25 Martin Petrov Showboat $1.50 Ryan Shawcross Star Player $1.50 Stephen Ireland Star Signing $1.50 Neven...
  2. Mini Groover

    Looking for Gold Standard!

    I've started a small collection, and I'm mainly looking for Gold Standard cards at a good price! Please PM me if you have any offers!:thumbsup:
  3. Mini Groover

    2011/12 Match Attax 11 Card Packet!

    Just received this from Match Attax Australia after winning this on their Facebook Page. These are not out yet in Australia and contain a Golden Moment Card. These will cost $5 in Australia. Anyone with me?
  4. Mini Groover

    Orlando, Gold Standard, Hakim Warrick and Various Others - New Website

    Just started a website via weeby. Don't complain at the moment as it lacks lot's of stuff an I only just started this. Tell me what you think of this so I can improve as I go.:thumbsup: Mini Groover's Cards - Home
  5. Mini Groover

    Sydney Kings v Melbourne Tigers (Picture Heavy)

    On Friday I went down to the cage to watch my first ever game of NBL and must I say I was impressed. Patty Mills was on fire during the game and was shooting threes from everywhere!:lol: Here is the picture I took from the game...
  6. Mini Groover

    UEFA Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2010/11 Wantlist!!

    Here is my wanlist for my Adrenalyn XL Collection. These are needed to complete my set. Post or PM me if you have any for trade or sale.:) 13. Cesc Fabregas Champion 14. Robin van Persie Champion 15. Emmanuel Eboue Fans' Favourite 32. Xavi Hernandez Champion 33. Lionel Messi 35. Andres...
  7. Mini Groover

    2010/11 UEFA Champions League Adrenalyn XL

    I've got two boxes and I will be posting updates during the day. PM at the end if you want to trade or buy anything.:) Here is the start! Pack 1 - Ever Banega FF Pack 2 - Base Pack 3 - Cesar Sanchez GS Pack 4 - Dani Alves SP
  8. Mini Groover

    UEFA Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2011/12

    This is now out in Europe and looks great. I can't wait to get my hand on these here! I wrote a section up on my blog about them and it also has pictures of some of the new cards. Pure Adrenalyn: UEFA Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2011/12 Out Now!!
  9. Mini Groover

    Donruss Tron

    After watching both the movies I'm now interested in the old cards. PM if you have any.
  10. Mini Groover

    Looking for some cheap Magic cards!

    Does anyone have any JSY Cards or Autos?
  11. Mini Groover

    Hakim Warrick, Dirk Nowitzk, Cheap Cards & Orlando

    Well PM me if you have any of the above.:)
  12. Mini Groover

    Seleccion Espanola Hacia El Mundial 98

    Received this Spanish set a couple of weeks ago for $5 which is a bargain for me. Enjoy!
  13. Mini Groover

    Rhys Carter & Jimmer Fredette Cards

    Here are some Rhys Carter Auto I have obtained and also a Jimmer Fredette Card, enjoy! Some Rhys Auto for trade or sale.
  14. Mini Groover

    Mark Skaife, Matt Hall & Birds of Tokyo Autos

    I got these auto awhile ago and I've decided to post them up on here! I use a duke card for getting autographs when I don't have anything of theirs to sign. So enjoy!
  15. Mini Groover

    Looking for a Dirk Auto

    Like the title says, looking for a dirk auto. Thanks!
  16. Mini Groover

    Random cards mailday, a bit of everything

    A friend from Ohio sent this to me. A lot of various cards. If interested in anything just pm me.
  17. Mini Groover

    Nice Bogut From America

    My friend in the US sent me this 2010-11 Timeless Tresures Andrew Bogut 2005-06 Rookie Year Patch. It's numbered to 25 and I was very surprised when I opened the package.:)
  18. Mini Groover

    Wanted: Any Sized Card Sleeves

    Has anyone got any SIZED CARD SLEEVES FOR BASKETBALL CARDS? Most Likely Free?? :)LMK Please Pm how much you got...
  19. Mini Groover

    Looking for cheap nice patches or autos......

    Post what you have and I'll see if I like it or not.... LMK:)
  20. Mini Groover

    Panini Rookies and Stars 2010-11

    Has anyone got any Panini Rookies and Stars 2010-11 Base or any Inserts? Just PM Me with your offers..... of your cards....
  21. Mini Groover

    UEFA Champions Leauge 2010-11 Adrenalyn XL Cards (New and out now)

    I've gotten 11 packs and I was wondering if any one has any cards for sale?:)
  22. Mini Groover

    Looking for cheap Jordan Legacy cards and Upper Deck 2010 First Edition cards

    Like the title says I'm Looking for any Jordan Legacys or Upper Deck First Edition cards. LMK:)
  23. Mini Groover

    Looking for J.R Smith and Hakim Warrick

    Hey Guys, Looking for ANY J.R Smith or Hakim Warrick Cards... Just List your Cards bellow with a Scan.... Thanks :D
  24. Mini Groover

    For Sale/For Trade Adrenalyn XL NBA 09-10

    I have heaps of these cards.... And are looking to Trade or Sale a few of them... PM me your best offers and we can go on from there... Base Cards: Kobe Bryant LeBron James Kevin Durant Dwight Howard Chris Bosh Rajon Rondo Brandon Roy Blake Griffin RC Danny Granger Paul Pierce...
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