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    Completed Sacface+ donald_draper

    Card received! Thanks!
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    Completed Sacface+ donald_draper

    Payment sent.
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    Completed tak35bne & Donald_Draper deal in an auto

    Agreed, PayPal sent for 'RLPA Rookie of the Year Josh Dugan Auto'.
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    Completed Donald_Draper and DK Trading Cards

    DK Trading Cards gets: "Brad Fittler - 1996 Dynamic (Series 1) National Heroes Autograph Card (+ COA and Redemption Card) #854/1000" Donald_Draper gets: $$$ Please confirm that this is correct
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    Completed blazers_fan9 + donald draper

    That is correct!
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    Completed mickhooper and Donald_Draper

    Yes, agreed, payment made!
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    Completed Heafy83 + Donald_Draper

    Yes, that is correct!
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