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  1. aussie26

    Completed Negrofc and aussie26

    yeap agree
  2. aussie26

    Completed aussie26 & govern8r

    took off ebay as soon as you paid
  3. aussie26

    Completed aussie26 & govern8r

    aussie26 gets $$ govern8r gets Luka Doncic 18/19 Absolute Tool of the trade RC Patch Auto /25 Cheers
  4. aussie26

    Completed skip20 and aussie 26

    all good mate
  5. aussie26

    Completed The Game of Sport and Aussie26

    yeap agreed and sent out today
  6. aussie26

    Completed anakinleo and aussie26

    yeap agreed
  7. aussie26

    Completed Swaggy Svi & Aussie26

    Agreed and payment received
  8. aussie26

    Completed Aussie26 & cardsdownunder

    yeap and payment received
  9. aussie26

    Completed jefferson & aussie26

    yeap agreed mate
  10. aussie26

    Completed Footycardtrader & aussie26

    Agreed and cards have been posted
  11. aussie26

    Completed Aussie26 and Dezi

    Yeap agreed
  12. aussie26

    Completed aussie26 & xxxstar69

    aussie26 gets $$ xxxstar69 gets C.J.Mccollum 13/14 Pinnacle RC Auto Brandon Ingram 16/17 Absolute Tools of the trade 1/75 Sarunas Marciulionis 14/15 Select Fame Game Prizm 18/49 T.J.Warren 14/15 TC Rookie Roll Call 89/249 Tim Duncan 15/16 Gala Primetime 40/40 Last one made Wayne Embry 15/16...
  13. aussie26

    Completed aussie26 & xxxstar69

    aussie26 gets $$ xxxstar69 gets Blake Griffin Essence of the game Redemption John Starks Metallic Marks Redemption Carlos Delfino Electric Endorsements Redemption Iman Shumpert Essence of the game Redemption Cheers Adam
  14. aussie26

    Completed aussie26 & whiti-madel

    aussie26 gets $$ whiti-madel gets Kristaps Porzingis 15/16 Luxe RC Auto 6/15 Jersey # Cheers
  15. aussie26

    Completed skip20 and aussie26

  16. aussie26

    Completed anakinleo and aussie26

  17. aussie26

    Completed FNQmac and Aussie26

    yes agreed
  18. aussie26

    Completed Aussie26 and Superted

    yeap agreed mate
  19. aussie26

    Completed anakinleo and aussie26

    yeap agreed
  20. aussie26

    Completed aussie26 & GoDees

    aussie26 gets $$ GoDees gets Paul Puopolo Magic Wildcard MW10 Josh Kelly Magic Wildcard MW09 Jackson Trengove Autograph 85/240 Maverick Weller Autograph 122/240 Marcus Bontempelli All Australian Matthew Boyd All Australian Collingwood Certified 460 117/460 Reece Conca Certified 460 242/460...
  21. aussie26

    Completed aussie26 & GarnettFan4Life

    yeap all good
  22. aussie26

    Completed aussie26 & Alec

    aussie26 gets $$ Alec gets Larry Johnson Frequent Flyers 98/149 Stephen Curry Premier Prizm Aaron Gordon 14/15 Threads High Flyers Gold 11/25 Alonzo Mourning 14/15 Donruss Dominators 429/999 Chris Paul 16/17 Select Purple 68/99 Kawhi Leonard 14/15 Donruss Gamers GU Michael Jordan 07/08 HP...
  23. aussie26

    Completed anakinleo and aussie26

    yeap agreed
  24. aussie26

    Completed jkidd05 & aussie26

  25. aussie26

    Completed mj_fan and aussie26

    yes agreed, sent out today
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