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  1. aussie26

    A reflection on 5 years back in the hobby

    I remember when I got back in the hobby in 2007 , I brought a box of 06/07 Fleer Ultra and pulled my first ever "hit" a Kevin Garnett scoring kings GU, I was impressed lol, I found the 2007-08 UD products the best in the 10 years ive been back in the hobby, SPGU, SPX, SPA, Ultimate collection...
  2. aussie26

    Sale Threads

    Good evening all, Just wanting to get some opinions, When it comes to sale threads what works best? I tend to have long threads with every card scanned, does having super long sale threads put people off? as in cbf going through 1000's of cards Cheers
  3. aussie26

    2017 Panini Basketball - worst of all time?

    I agree that Revolution are a nice set , the autos this year are quite easy on the eye, I've also had a good strike rate of hitting the autos in single boxes , the galactic cards are quite nice . If panini keep the same tired designs they will kill the hobby off , I understand they want to...
  4. aussie26

    2017 Panini Basketball - worst of all time?

    Thought I would give this a bump since more products have been released since Feb. For me gold standard is the worst value since gold standard started in 10/11. This years Spectra is far and away the worst for design and value. (already dropped to 230 a box from 350) Same for Noir which has...
  5. aussie26

    Where is everyone going?

    I've brought 100 case's of cards plus 100's of loose boxes over the past 10 years, 4 with upperdeck, 6 with Panini only. I've found the re sale value of upperdeck to be much better, with uppderdeck you had the top rookies plus maybe a Jordan/Lebron. Panini have killed the value of Kobe and...
  6. aussie26

    2017 Panini Basketball - worst of all time?

    This may be a slight over reaction lol (and purely personal opinion) , but for me the products that Panini has released so far for 2016/17 have been ordinary at best . I've watched quite a few case breaks of gold standard, absolute, certified, court kings and contenders and have found that very...
  7. aussie26

    My first lost card.

    What happened to you has happened to me a few times on ebay, twice in Asia & twice in Canada, that's the main reason I hate ebay and try to avoid it, if i'm selling an expensive card on ebay i'll make registered a standard, but I charge 1/2 the cost of shipping (absorb 1/2) so I don't scare away...
  8. aussie26

    Panini screwed me again...

    Good Afternoon All, I recieved the wrong card for a redemption Card redeemed : Chris andersen 2013/14 Panini Preferred Silhouettes Prime / 25 and recieved the game used version /35, I cant cotact Panini via, because when I try to log an incident under general requests the...
  9. aussie26

    What was your first deal on OZCT?

    kobe4mvp gets: 07/08 SPGU Andre Iguodala Jersey and aussie26 gets: MVP Chris Webber MVP Materials kobe4mvp and aussie26 kobe4mvp, Nov 13, 2007
  10. aussie26

    "You know Panini has flooded the market when..."

    When 13/14 national treasures cards sell for stuff all , I was looking at getting a case but most nt cards are selling for similar amounts as other much cheaper card sets.
  11. aussie26

    Low Balling

    I understand if you don't put prices your more susceptible to low balling, fair enough If someone lowballs you, you can simply ignore the person or decline. True. But I guess from my perspective (and a little rant) : I bust for the fun of it and the thrill of hopefully pulling a big hit, I...
  12. aussie26


    I busted a case of 11/12 Past and Present and all the redemptions had expired, i redeemed them all online (all worked), recieved the durant within 2 weeks and 2 more have sinee been sent.
  13. aussie26

    Low Balling

    maybe $16 with free postage haha, i remember when i first bought the card years ago it was only around 50 bucks, those were the days when exquisite was a little cheaper
  14. aussie26

    Low Balling

    Haha $12dlvd for the LL, come on just a little low haha, i agree its not right to ask for crazy high prices in the hope of sucking in a newbie ect but i guess ive noticed the lowballing more so.
  15. aussie26

    Low Balling

    I couldn't find any similar threads so if there is one please close this thread. Ive been on this site for 5 1/2 to 6 years and have enjoyed my time on this site the admins have made the site safe and enjoyable, but i've found lately that the amount of low balling has really put me off selling...
  16. aussie26

    2010-11 ultimate case - team break??

    Team breaks ect are banned on this site, you can however sell sealed boxes.
  17. aussie26

    Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

    Original post has some valid points, Redemptions and the practices associated should be illegal/reduced, dont advertise someone in a new product if they cant/wont sign for example 09/10 Crown Royale Basketball advertised Shaq as being a signer and showed a Signed card of his, these autos were...
  18. aussie26


    Quite a few durant rookie autos i sold for around 100-150 each, these 3 prob my favourite pulls i wish i kept
  19. aussie26

    Official 2011-2012 Playoff thread

    I think the finals will be very interesting and fairly close, predicting thunder 4-2
  20. aussie26

    Showoff thread! - Legends and HOFamers

    Some amazing cards in this thread def a few $$ worth Heres mine:
  21. aussie26

    Panini Preferred, thoughts???

    from what ive seen this product is a rip off, seen quite a few boxes where the 3 autos are worth 5-10 bucks each, at a cost of 50 a card this product is overpriced.
  22. aussie26

    Panini Blog Panini America Provides Final Packout Peek at 2011 Preferred Basketball’s Penmanship

    No ive been thinking that since i knew the price, 200 for 4 cards is a bit rich now ive cut back how much/often im busting
  23. aussie26

    Panini Blog Panini America Provides Final Packout Peek at 2011 Preferred Basketball’s Penmanship

    Haha is very tempting but @ $50 a card im not convinced on the value. Might just pick up a few kidds from ebay assuming there are some in the set.
  24. aussie26

    Almost over the hobby and it's stupid prices!!

    I have never charged extra because I know the card is someone's pc player or the such, but a lot of people do. There are a lot of people on eBay who will try to trick newbies by having redicilous buy it nows. As people have said this is a hobby but there are more and more dishonest people which...
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