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  1. Cpa78

    For Sale/For Trade Legends sig Collection

    Would you take $145 inc registered post for buderus legend sig no.13?
  2. Cpa78

    For Sale NRL cards 2000 - 2017

    Hi Tony, I'll take the 2016 nrl langer legend signature please.
  3. Cpa78

    2017 nrl storm ruby set no.23/40 $200

    Sold. Admin please delete post
  4. Cpa78

    1988 and 99 NRL Scanlens, Autograph trading cards

    Hi, here is my lists. Hopefully we can do some trades. Cheers
  5. Cpa78

    1988 and 99 NRL Scanlens, Autograph trading cards

    Hi, I'm in need of completing my 1988 set myself. I have a wanted and spares list. Will pm you
  6. Cpa78

    Wanted 2018 + 2019 Elite Black Sigs

    Hi, i have a 2018 Lsb tohu harris plus redemption card numbered 07/40 for sale only? Pm if interested. Cheers
  7. Cpa78

    For Sale/For Trade NRL Cards 1976 to 2017

    Hi, do you still have 2010 nrl impact no.s 5,10,12,16,25,29,44,55,59 and 2010 nrl jersey cut no.s 124,125.
  8. Cpa78

    For Sale APCS Timewarp and Record Breakers Cards

    Thanks Paul. That's good to know. Thankyou
  9. Cpa78

    For Sale APCS Timewarp and Record Breakers Cards

    Hi, sold if still available
  10. Cpa78


    Hi, im pretty sure i have a 2019 nrl YGB jake clifford and a 2018 LSB jarrod wallace. Will check after work today. Would only be selling as theres nothing on your spares list i need.
  11. Cpa78

    For Sale Paul Vaughan black

    How many have u got? Lol. Whats your lowest numbered card?
  12. Cpa78

    2019 Elite luck

    Is sapphire for sale?
  13. Cpa78


    Sapphire tedesco sold
  14. Cpa78

    For Sale/For Trade 2019 Elite

    Hi is LS paul vaughan still available?
  15. Cpa78

    For Sale Bronco79's 2019 NRL TRADERS Trade/Sell/ Wants

    Hi, do u still have eels black startoon for sale? How much are u asking?
  16. Cpa78

    For Sale/For Trade 3bet's 2011-2019 NRL TRADE/SALE thread

    Hi, is alex johnston black toon still available? Sold if so. Cheers
  17. Cpa78

    For Sale/For Trade 2019 Traders

    Hi, Happy to swap your Retirement clark for my Beau scott retirement?
  18. Cpa78


    manly 4&2 sold please
  19. Cpa78

    For Sale/For Trade Richyrich1988's NON IP Trade List (2019 Traders Added)

    Hi mate, how much is your 2019 retirement case card no.10?
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