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    SOLD/TRADED .....

    Zion Williamson RC Prizm Hyper variation $380 Delivered Registered in Oz (no overseas buyers) Will trade for 1 card of Curry, Klay, Lillard, D Mitchell, Trae Young Selling elsewhere.
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    For Sale Dan sale thread! One card at a time for a steal

    And I did a trade with him last week for a $150-$200 Card and had no issues.
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    For Sale/For Trade Curry Kawhi RC Autos, other RC Autos, Low #d

    Postage $3.50 standard or $7.50 registered. Selling elsewhere. Damian Lillard Revolution On Card Auto $SOLD Damian Lillard Crown Royale Auto Die Cut /25 - $90 Damian Lillard 19/20 Contenders On Card Auto - $SOLD Stephen Curry RC Auto Timeless Treasures /299 - $180 NB: Sig is in texta...
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    East Player of the Week Bump
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    For Sale/For Trade Kawhi’s and Lillards

    Will look at trades, Curry, Klay, Trae, Lillard, D Mitchell. May look at M Porter Jr, Jamal Murray, Tyler Herro. Postage $7.50 registered in Oz. Lillard Crown Royale Auto /25 - $80 Lillard Revolution On Card Auto Cosmic /50. - $70 Lillard Spectra Patch Green /5 - $50 Lillard 14/15...
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    Bam RC 17/18 Prestige Gold Cracked Ice /10 - $45 Delivered in Oz
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    For Sale Autos and Jerseys $1.50 each

    All cards $1.50 each. RCs, Current and Retired. Postage $3.50 for up to Cards, actual cost after that. PM if need numbering info For sale elsewhere Bob Ds sold Cedric and Calderon sold MCW sold Rabbi and Zizic sold Diallo sold Robinson Bradley Darter Sold Adams sold
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    Andrew Wiggins Spectra Global Icons Auto Patch 1/1 $345 Deleivered Registered in One Touch, Oz only Will look at Trade for single card of similar value (can add cash for the right card) for Curry, Klay, Lillard, D Mitchell, Trae Young. Posted elsewhere.
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    A few Nikola Jokic Cards received in recent breaks. Postage $3.50 or $7 registered. Also selling on FB 19/20 Hoops variations 80c each PENDING 17/18 Cornerstones Quad Jersey On Card Auto /129 $50 17/18 Spectra White Sparkle Case Hit $45 17/18 Spectra Catalyst Jersey /199 $3 PENDING 17/18...
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    For Sale 50c per card. 2012 to 2016 - RCs, All Stars, #d

    All cards 50c each. Postage $3.50 for 10 cards, more than that will quote cost. 11/12 Hoops Isaiah Thomas Rookie Impact Kings 12/13 Hoops Bradley Beal Draft Night RC SOLD Hoops Andre Drummond Draft Night RC Past & Present Isaiah Thomas RC Past & Present Bradley Beal Rise & Shine RC SOLD Past...
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    For Sale Kawhi Auto, 18/19 Select silvers

    SOLD Redemption from Select 18/19, Auto Jersey Purple /99. $125 for code (must have >10 feedback), $130 Redemption Delivered Registered. Michael Porter Jr Select Phenomenon Silver /99 $42 D Ayton Select Silver RC - $9 Robert Williams Select Silver RC - $6
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    For Sale/For Trade A Davis PC cull Downtown Kaboom RCs Patch/5

    Looking to move some nice AD cards as just keeping a couple of high end in my PC. Postage $3.50 normal or $7 registered in Oz. Will post elsewhere. 15/16 Kaboom Case Hit $55 including One Touch PENDING 17/18 Cornerstones Downtown Case Hit $75 PENDING 13/14 Select Swatches Green Patch 4/5...
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    For Sale/For Trade Nate Thurmond Gold Auto /10

    Cracking looking card of a HOF player Nate Thurmond Warriors Optic Gold Auto /10 $15 delivered in Oz Posted elsewhere.
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    SOLD/TRADED ....

    Add postage $3.50. Posted elsewhere. Select Red Hot RC $45 PENDING Panini and Pinnacle RCs $12 each. Panini SOLD
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    For Sale/For Trade Shai and Kyrie Autos

    Postage $3.50 Shai GA Optic Auto $30 Kyrie Irving Chronicles Timeless Treasures Auto /10 - $55
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    For Sale/For Trade Westbrooks /10 and /5

    Coupla Westbrooks for sale, also open to trade. Curry, Klay, Trae, J Murray, D Mitchell, Kawhi, Lillard. Postage $3.50 normal or $7 registered. Spectra Gold /10 - $45 12/13 Contenders /5 - $45
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