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    For Sale Prizm/Optic 2018-19 Rookies + More

    Hi All, Looking to offload some of growing collection to diversify into other rookie classes. If you're after a player that isn't listed let me know as I still may have some cards for them. Marvin Bagley Prizm Rookie PSA 10 $85 Each Wendell Carter Jr Prizm Rookie PSA 10 $60 each Mitchell...
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    In Progress Double11 + Wonderwoman

    Wonderwoman pays $$ through PayPal. Double11 sends Devonte Graham optics + RWB and Mo Prizm Purple + RWB
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    For Sale Random Prizm + Flawless

    A handful of different Prizm and other cards. Will update with prices shortly, but happy for offers to be made also. Mo Wagner - Purple Prizm /75 - $50 Omari Spellman - Fask Break Pink Prizm /50 - $25 Lonnie Walker Prizm Hyper - $20 each (Quantity 2) Larry Hughes - Legendary...
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    For Sale Prizm Silver/Colour Rookies + More

    1. Jaren Jackson Jr Silver Prizm - $100 including delivery. Prizm Silver - $5 each Prizm RWB $5 each Okogie $10 Fast Break Rookies - $2 each Keita Bates-Diop - Bronze /20 $30 Andrew Wiggins- Blue /35 $20 Spectra - $2 each other than AD Green which is $10.
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    Optic Base

    Also looking for any Optic Base or variants for the big rookies in the last 2 classes; ie: Luka Trae MPJ JJJ Fox Mitchell Etc
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    Joel Embiid + KAT Rookie Cards

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone has some Joel Embiid and KAT Prizm Rookie Cards. Let me know. Cheers
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    Completed Double11 and CardFund

    Double11 will send 3x Donovan Mitchell Prizm Rookies Cardfund will send $$$ Do you agree?
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    For Sale Assorted Rookie Cards

    PJ Washington /18 - Contenders Draft Picks Offers accepted. Trae Young - Fast Break Luck of the Lottery $10 Andrew Wiggins - Contenders Optic /35 $20 Jaren Jackson Jr 2x Phenoms 2x Emergent $2 each Jaren Jackson Jr Obsidian Blue /99 $10 Random Fast Break Rookies $1 each
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    Rookie Cards

    Looking for Prizm Rookie Cards of the following names; Happy for just base prizm doesn't need to be numbered but keen on both options. - Bradley Beal - KAT - Kristpas - Ben Simmons - Devin Booker - D-Lo Russell - Luka - Jaren Jackson Jr - Michael Porter Jr. - Wendell Carter Jr. - Anfernee...
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    For Sale Patrick Mahomes - Panini VIP Cracked Ice /99

    Hi All, Looking to sell 2019 Panini National VIP Gold Pack Patrick Mahomes II Purple Cracked Ice 51/99. Got it from a gold pack and don't collect NFL. Looking for $40.
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    Completed Cardfund and double11

    -Jarret Culver -Lebron Century Stars -Kawhi Leonard Optic -OG Anunoby Optic -Collin Sexton Luck of the Lottery x 2 -Wendell Carter Jr Luck of the Lottery x 2 -Nikola Jokic Season Ticket Cardfund to pay $24 incld post for the above cards for double11 to post Do you agree?
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    For Sale Prizm + Optic + Autos

    Hi All, Have had a big cleanup today and looking to offload some cards to fund more purchases. I will have a first lot and then after that I will list by team. All cards in team lots are either Fast Break, Silver or colour variations (So there are no base Prizm cards apart from inserts.)...
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    Completed cardfund and double11

    cardfun and double11 have made this deal..... cardfund will make Paypal for $33. double11 sends Luka Doncic and Trae Young Luck of the Lottery once payment is received. double11 agrees.. do you agree cardfund?
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    For Sale Contenders + Prizm + Misc

    Looking to clear up the collection prices are stated otherwise make an offer, Cheers. $2 $3 $3 CJ - Red Choice Prizm - $5 SOLD 2 Available - $10 Each Make Offers Make Offers
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    For Sale Prizm/Mosaic and Randoms

    Doing a bit of a cleanout of some cards I don't collect or just looking to sell. Make offers on the cards you are interested in. Cheers
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    LF Rookie Cards 2018-19

    Hi All, Mainly looking for Prizm base or Prizm colours and Autos of most varieties for the following rookies. - Wendell Carter Jr - Troy Brown Jr - Miles Bridges - Josh Okogie These ones just looking for base; - Michael Porter Jr - Luka - Trey - Shai - Jaren Jackson Post what you have and...
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    For Sale Prizm + Fast Break Colours and Inserts + More

    Greens and Blues $2 each Red, Pink, Purple $3 each Auto's $4 each $1 each for Silvers + Red/White/Blue Fast Break Inserts $1 each. .50c each Fast Break Cards .50c each Giannis Silver Hyped $3. Magic Johnson Silver Hall Monitors $2 2x Steph Curry Select Silvers. $6 each $5 Each $5 Each
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    For Sale Prizm Rookie Cards - Phenoms and Emergent

    $2 for Luka and Silver Wendell Carter Jr. the rest $1 each.
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    For Sale Quad Rookie Patch + Glen Rice + Prizm Colour + Other

    Hi All, Have been collecting for a few months now and have accumulated some nice cards which Iam not collecting so looking to sell for $$$. Open to offers. Dominion Quad Rookie Patch /10. $250 Glen Rice Flawless 5/5 $50 Lebron Liftoff $10 Donovan Mitchell - Startups RC Cornerstones...
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    For Sale Prizm Assortment + NT Tracy Mcgrady

    Makes offers for singles or the lot. Thanks
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    For Sale 2018-19 National Treasures

    Got these cards from breaks and they are not cards I'm after. Looking to sell, so make offers just remember these are from the NT collection so $5 bids will not cut it. Some of them may be a week or so until I get them posted out FYI. Just seeing if there is interest here or I will move them to...
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    For Sale Prizm Assortment

    Hi All, Have decided to keep most of my Prizm rookie cards, so these are the cards Im looking to sell and thought someone on here may want to purchase some of these. Make an offer on any you are interested in. *BASE* *SILVERS* *Silver (Giannis + Magic)* NOTE: It shows up with some scuffs...
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