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  1. wasportsfan1

    For Trade Trades?

    Looking to trade...… lets see if trading is still around these days! I prefer to have two for one etc... I will look at any autos oncard (im after a Dirk auto and LJ Auto)
  2. wasportsfan1

    For Trade Looking to trade :)

    Trading Only - Looking to trade all these for one nice card will look at anything of equal value
  3. wasportsfan1

    For Sale Card Stands

    have 12 of these for $6 pickup only in Perth
  4. wasportsfan1

    For Sale/For Trade Portland Cards

    Simon's Court Kings Auto /199 CJ Rc Crown Auto /15 has soft bottom corners :( looking to trade for a Trae Young card worth the same will look at higher valued Young's if I need to put in PayPal. Otherwise for sale $75 dlvd regular in Australia.
  5. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED AD Auto oncard

    AD oncard auto /25 lowered price from yesterday $80 dlvd includes magnetic & registered post.
  6. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED Three Card Sale

    Need funds sale so the pc is on the chopping block:) AD auto /25 $100, Wall Flawless auto/patch/10 $120, Klay Prizm Auto /25 SOLD. All include registered post. Payments must be made tonight. I will look at offers if they are decent
  7. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED Card Stands

    Hey guys have 20 of these for $10 pickup only from Forrestfield or High Wycombe (WA)
  8. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED Card Stands

    Got 20 of these for $10 pickup only from Forrestfield or High Wycombe (WA)
  9. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED Card Stands

    used 10 card stands for $5 pickup only from High Wycombe/Forrestfield WA
  10. wasportsfan1

    WTB - Barkley Auto/Doncic Auto

    as the titles says after a oncard Barkley auto to buy or trade lmk what you got :)
  11. wasportsfan1

    In Progress wasportsfan1 & hackadeandre

    wasportsfan1 gets - Paypal hackadeandre gets - Two Manu Ginobili's 1/1 delivered registered post with magnetics Agree mate?
  12. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED Ginobili 1/1s

    the last two that I have $70 each or $135 for the two delivered registered post within Australia includes mags :)
  13. wasportsfan1

    For Sale FOR SALE NOW - Sweet Spurs cards!

    Up for Trade Only - Looking for a Tatum on card auto or Curry on card auto will add $$$$ for the right card :) Scratches on cases only (ud black has usual whitening corners)
  14. wasportsfan1

    Wanted - Jayson Tatum Revolution Auto

    As above chasing one ASAP have paypal ready to go :)
  15. wasportsfan1

    Completed wasportsfan1& pete23nba

    wasportsfan1 gets - Donovan Mitchell Revolution Auto pete23nba gets - paypal Agreed mate?
  16. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED David Robinson Trades

    Trade for one card :)
  17. wasportsfan1

    For Sale Mannnuuuuuuuuuuuu

    All three including magnetics $80 with registered post NOTE _ CLEAR CLOTH CARD IS SOLD
  18. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED NBA 2k18 and PS4 Controller

    Hey guys have these two for sale Perth Metro pickup only - $70
  19. wasportsfan1

    Completed wasportsfan1 & 0kramrajnoc

    wasportsfan1 gets - Paypal you get - NBA card lot from my sale regular post Agree mate?
  20. wasportsfan1


    All for $15dlvd regular post. $22dlvd for registered McDermott is jersey number 3/10. Iverson is /149 Hill /199
  21. wasportsfan1

    For Sale/For Trade David Robinson Crown oncard auto /25

    Looking for a trade, after Tatum, Curry will add $$$$$ extra for highend cards. TV - $80
  22. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED F1 2017 PS4 Game

    hey guys have this one for sale Perth Pickup only will Take $20 obo
  23. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED Card Display Holders

    hey guys have 50+ of these for sale only looking at 50c each but pickup only in Perth WA (Hills area)
  24. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED Kyrie Auto & Free Holiday!

    Kyrie Studio auto /99 and free NT base Holiday looking for $35 dlvd regular post add extra $5 for registered post. last kyrie sold for $30US
  25. wasportsfan1

    SOLD/TRADED David Robinson /10 Auto

    David Robinson Gold Standard Rare patch auto /10 looking for $75 dlvd registered with the magnetic. Will also trade for Curry or Tatum
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