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  1. ChrisQ

    2020 Select Footy Stars

    Any idea if the Starter packs will be available in any retail channels? Keen to grab a few for my nieces and nephew who like AFL.
  2. ChrisQ

    Prizm Draft Picks 20-21 - Lamelo and RJ?

    Bit of a random one, but just wondering if it's likely that Lamelo and RJ would feature in the next Draft Picks release, or is it US college only players? Wonder if we could see them in their NBL uniforms? Guess the same would apply to Contenders Draft Picks as well. What have they done with...
  3. ChrisQ

    2019/20 Donruss hangar-

    Great pull! Ripped open two of those hanger boxes myself today, nothing even close to what you scored.
  4. ChrisQ

    Hoops 2011-12 SuperSonics Recollection Collection Signature

    Awesome card. Love that on-card sig.
  5. ChrisQ

    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    Just got my first shipment from @ShipMyCards Can't recommend their service more highly. Really well priced and shipment got to me so quickly. Will be using again.
  6. ChrisQ

    One Box of 2019 Donruss Optic on Superbowl Eve

    That Brady is a huge pull! Loving the Greedy auto too. Not a bad box!
  7. ChrisQ

    back into cards

    Welcome aboard - what kind of cards are you into mate?
  8. ChrisQ

    Hi (New to OZcardtrader)

    Welcome aboard!
  9. ChrisQ

    Revolution Printing Error?

    Pulled this from a pack of Chinese New Year Revolution yesterday. Looks like pattern has been applied over the player. Surely a printing error? Not a bad error if so 😃
  10. ChrisQ

    Galactic Advice

    This is a very cool pickup!
  11. ChrisQ

    What’s your guess at first sales of Zion Prizm silver RC?

    I've just got a small selection of Hoops Zion stuff (Base and some inserts) that I'll hold onto in my collection. Can't afford anything better now with the prices the way they are haha
  12. ChrisQ

    5 x Hoops 5 x Prizm from Kmart

    From Kmart:
  13. ChrisQ

    5 x Hoops 5 x Prizm from Kmart

    Just as a heads up also - Kmart is also selling Donruss basketball too. Haven't found any instore though. So that's Hoops/Prizm/Donruss this year. Just very little stock it seems. (Sorry for the thread...
  14. ChrisQ

    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    Anyone know what needs to be put in for ‘customs value’ when requesting a shipment?
  15. ChrisQ

    The Official 2020 TLA NRL Traders thread.

    Has this been done before with any card sets in Australia - Priority Edition/FOTL?
  16. ChrisQ

    Cam Reddish Mailday!

    Agree on this, at least from a Football perspective. Last year's was a much nicer design (IMO) to this year's.
  17. ChrisQ

    For Trade Donruss trade thread

    Hey mate, I just checked my lists and would love to grab the following off you... Canvas Rated Rookies - 329 McLaurin, 343 Allen Dominators - 8 Brees, 23 Green, 37 Miller Rookie GK's - 4 Lock, 16 Hockenson The Rookies - 5 Grier, 10 Henderson, 15 Campbell, 39 Stick I'll shoot you a DM :)
  18. ChrisQ

    Cam Reddish Mailday!

    Great looking card - solid pickup 🔥 🔥
  19. ChrisQ

    Contenders & Donruss

    Yeh spares list would be great, I'm sure we might be able to help each other out with some trades. :thumbsup:
  20. ChrisQ

    Contenders & Donruss

    Yeh Contenders is always hit or miss for me. Either going to hit a big Rookie signature, or just get a s***load of base. I also think the inserts this year are garbage compared to previous years. Designs are really boring. That Trayvon Mullen Jnr is a sick hit though! (Don't mind me a bit of...
  21. ChrisQ

    2019-20 Panini Prizm Blaster

    Congrats on the Zion pull! That Ben Simmons insert is pretty cool too.
  22. ChrisQ

    5 x Hoops 5 x Prizm from Kmart

    Wait, Kmart had Prizm? :eek:
  23. ChrisQ

    2019-20 Donruss Optic Prices

    It will be interesting to see. Only seems to be more and more people entering/coming back into the hobby, so I can only see prices continuing to trend upwards. With the way hobby boxes are at the moment, my focus is really just on retail products and lower-end stuff. Otherwise, I'm just priced...
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