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    Nearly got value out of a Box!

    Got a back injury in college but before that was meant to be the #1 pick. I’m holding the couple of decent cards I have in case he finds his mojo again
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    Nearly got value out of a Box!

    Just don’t know as he can’t seem to get time in the rotation at Denver.
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    12/13 Certified and 17/18 Prestige

    Busted 2 packs of 12/13 Certified in the wild hope of snagging some Klay, Kawhi or Lillard love, didn’t quite happen. The box of 17/18 Prestige did deliver though Bam.....Literally! And a nice one for the PC
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    3 X 17/18 Court Kings

    No mate, long gone
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    Nearly got value out of a Box!

    Sorry mate, Cedric has left the building
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    Nearly got value out of a Box!

    Previously you haven’t had anything I collect. Curry, Klay Thompson, Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray, Trae Young, Kawhi. Would look at Jaren Jackson or Michael Porter Jr also.
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    Nearly got value out of a Box!

    For the first time in a while I got close to full value out of a box. 18/19 Select main cards below. Redemption to start, expecting a 2nd Round Rookie, nice surprise. Purple is /99. Standard boring, unnumbered jersey card Standard retired player auto who 2 people worldwide PC, but at...
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    4 Boxes of 2017-18 FB Prizm = DISGUSTING

    That’s brutal. I think they are actually getting worse, more and more scrub autos in boxes.
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    Busted box of 18/19 Contenders Optic

    Only 6 cards in a box
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    Busted box of 18/19 Contenders Optic

    Wasn’t sure if I should spend $199 on this box, but thought I’d give it a go. Cards are very nice, n surprise I got about 30-40% return on the box value, but 2 Russ cards for the PC so that’s always nice. Not sure if these are On Card or sticker, and I assume it’s not numbered, kid plays okay...
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    Chronicles latest

    Busted a box, I like these sets with the varieties. SGA Optichrome /99 Nice On Card Auto /10 I like these Obsidians. This is a Prizm with “Preview” on the back as a variation.
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    2018/19 Prizm Retail Box

    Actually not too bad with a number of coloured and an auto, one of the few boxes around where you might be able to get 60% plus of value most times with upside of a big hit. Too many boxes now where you are lucky to get 30% value unfortunately.
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    Prizm and Chronicles

    Must rate autos the same as defence. Jabari’s autos are now just a J.
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    Prizm and Chronicles

    Used a gift card to splurge on a box of Prizm and a box of chronicles. Oh for the Silver of this guy, but just the base I’m afraid The blue looks awesome, shame it’s /199 as would be good to collect for PC players if lower #d And the Silver, getting splinters on the bench currently and...
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    Karl Antony Towns Rookie Cracked Ice!!!!

    Gotta be happy with hitting the big 3 in Autos!
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    Chronicles Boxes

    Really like the variation of RCs you get in this product. Auto cards aren’t great but $150 ish for a box where you get 2 Autos and some numbered RCs is about the best value at the moment. Best cards below, also some other RCs and #d. Hanging onto the Mitchell and the OG Auto, rest available...
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    18/19 Contenders and Hit Parade

    Bought a box of Contenders and also tried my first Hit Parade Box (Series 7) Hit Parade 13/14 Titanium Kyrie Auto 18/19 Contenders Mo Bamba (Magic) and Jarrett Allen Cracked Ice Autos /23 Jerome Robinson (Clippers) On Card Auto. Others are stickers so I guess each box has one On Card but...
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    Crazy CK Box

    “On average you will receive 1 Auto and 1 Memorabilia”. Batting above average here. My 11 year old was with me so I got him to open the Box Topper, he asks “what’s the best card you can get?”, I said an Auto but they are hard to get. Nek Minit..... “Is that good Dad?”, “yeh mate, that’s...
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    Mate this site is trustworthy but you might want to cover up the scan code on your points just in case someone does the dirty and uses it. Not sure if it’s possible but best to be safe.
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    Essentials Box Busted

    Yep and good quality as they are a bit thicker than normal, and 2 Autos in a box which is the way it should be.
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    Essentials Box Busted

    Thought I’d check out Essentials, don’t like the lack of numbered cards but the quality of even the base cards is good. Also have some other RCs and the Base, nothing I’m desperate to hold onto (except the Indispensable Mitchell) so PM if interested in any. Bernard King Auto /25 Tristan...
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    First ever Revolution packs.

    They are called “Cracked Ice” variations.
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    2017/18 National Treasures Basketball

    A great little connection between you and your mate with the Lonzo pull, congrats.
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    17/18 Optic

    Nice little box with a few PC player inserts and some refractors of good players for a change. Most for sale so PM if interested. J Bell Auto Redemption Couple of great Refractors of Kuzma and Tatum The greens /175 look great in Optic First I’ve seen of these in hand, super...
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    14/15 Court Kings Rookie Boxes

    Busted 2 X Boxes of 14/15 CK Retail and got the following. $60 for a box with a Rookie Auto, Memorabilia and numbered RCs and Royalty insert with a cool look.
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