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  1. jay87

    Basketball without Borders in Melb! Lucky Melb! NBA Players coming to AUS! David Robinson Khris Middleton Jerry Stackhouse Bruce Bowen.. Patty Mills Dante Exum Aron Baynes Matthew Dellevadova Joe...
  2. jay87

    Your top 10 Favourite (Non Allstar) players?

    Was thinking about fav players of mine and iv got a lot that aren't Allstars. Thought id do a thread to see who you guys like, its much too easy for most doing a list of your favourite players in the NBA cause most will list: Kobe,Bron,Curry,KD etc... which is fine but its refreshing to talk to...
  3. jay87

    George Mikan 1948 rookie card sells for $403,664!!! Jesus.
  4. jay87

    Jamal Crawford/Jalen Rose on card autos

    Interested in looking at anything you have.. thinking about starting new PC.
  5. jay87

    For Sale/For Trade BIG LOT! Slam/Hoop Magz, Jerseys, Brandon Roy cards etc.....

    Would like to sell all as a lot for the right price, wanting to move these as im saving for a couple jerseys and some headphones i want. Also open to trade offers on anything Minnesota Timberwolves related, Wiggins,LaVine etc.. Or Beats headphones/Sony Headphones. Andrew Wiggins/Paul...
  6. jay87

    For Sale Anthony Davis jersey L, Steve Francis jersey XL

    Anthony Davis Adidas Swingman, Size L. Worn twice! Steve Francis Reebok jersey, Size XL. used but still in good condition. Wanting $50 for the AD jersey. Cost me $99.95 new from Culture Kings in Town. $30 for the Francis. Or $70 for both. Please check my card sale thread, willing to combine...
  7. jay87

    For Sale/For Trade Lot of autos must go! Drummond Rookie,Larry Bird etc...

    Austin Rivers Glass Rookie Auto 155/499 Kevin Murphy Glass Rookie Auto 73/499 Shelvin Mack Glass Rookie Auto 18/25 Arnett Moultrie Glass Rookie Auto 390/476 Ty Lawson Prestige Auto Al-Farouq Aminu Brilliance Auto 76/199 Kyle Lowry Brilliance jersey card Tom Sanders Marquee Auto Vinny Del Negro...
  8. jay87

    Pissed off with NBA LEAGUE PASS!!

    So i signed up for the free trial to see how things would run on my average 4gb ram Com, it wasnt too good so decided to cancel my subscription before the free trial ended. So i check my account today and exactly 319.99 is being held by them!! i didn't sign up for a year subscription or...
  9. jay87

    For Sale/For Trade 5 NBA jerseys all XXL

    5 NBA jerseys all XXL $40 each or or $150 the lot, all official NBA swingman jerseys. Will Trade for WWE Wrestling items. DVDS/vhs ETC... Milwaukee - Brandon Jennings OKC - Kevin Durant Portland - Brandon Roy Houston - Tracy Mcgrady San Francisco Warriors - Stephen Curry
  10. jay87

    For Sale/For Trade Entire Chris Douglas Roberts collection plus others must go!

    Dont collect CDR anymore so hopefully i can help another collector out! CDR draft marks 43/50 CDR Letterman 1/2!!! Other random cards: Mitch Richmond is 12/25! Drummond is 161/499 Moultrie 390/476 Mack 18/25 All must go, send me offers on all... Only trading for wrestling stuff if you...
  11. jay87

    For Sale/For Trade NBA swingman jerseys (lot of 8) $40 each or $150 for the lot

    KD XXL Steph Curry XXL Andre Miller XL Tracy Mcgrady XXL Steve Francis XL Kobe Bryant XL Brandon Jennings XXL Brandon Roy XXL All in great condition, all OFFICIAL Adidas/Reebok/Nike NBA swingman jerseys! MUST GO. WILL TRADE FOR WRESTLING STUFF.
  12. jay87


    Would prefer to do a trade. lmk
  13. jay87

    For Sale/For Trade HUGE NBA Memorabilia/jersey,cap sale

    All jerseys used but in great condition, as are the caps! jerseys most xxl, miller and francis are XL. $30 each caps $15 (size 7 1/2) snap backs are (wolves and KD) KD frame 300 ono with COA Jennings frame 250 ono with COA. , will do deals if buying more than 2 items... Will listen to...
  14. jay87

    Wrestling stuff wanted (dvds,VHS,figures etc)

    Will swap cards, Jerseys, memorabilia.. anything NBA. Let me know what you have.
  15. jay87

    After Jamal Crawford autos - 'new PC'

    Anything from Bulls rookie year onward...
  16. jay87

    Official 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup thread

    82 days to go! You can watch all games live in HD for a buck! Personally cant wait! Aus gonna have a solid squad this year, Bogut,Mills,Exum,Baynes,Delly! USA will have a strong young field to choose the 12 man roster...
  17. jay87

    For Sale/For Trade Signed MJ/Hakeem/Thomas card/KD frame!!

    Lookin to swap for Ipad/Tablet.. prefer a mini, if selling i am willing to listen to all reasonable offers. :)
  18. jay87

    For Sale PS3 149GB Slim console with controller/HDMI/NBA 2K13/GTA 5

    $220 Pickup in Perth. $250 Posted. Will listen to offers!
  19. jay87

    For Sale MJ/Hakeem/Isiah/Lawson/Drummond for sale..

    Willing to listen to offers on the MJ! Got some debts to be paid and will need bank deposit only! Hakeem $45 DLVD Thomas $45 DLD
  20. jay87

    For Sale MJ/Hakeem/Isiah/Lawson/Drummond for sale..

    Isiah Auto $50 DLVD/Num Base $5 each. MJ /45 $425 DLVD/Num Base $10 each. Hakeem /35 $70 DLVD/ Ty Lawson Auto $20 Mitch Richmond 12/25 auto $65 Drummond auto /499 $30 Mack $10/ Moultrie $10 Happy to listen to offers or trades for TV/PS3 (local Del) :p
  21. jay87

    Show me your Marshon's/Roy's/Ross's

    Got Some nice cards from todays ud alltime greats/timeless for possible trade.
  22. jay87

    For Sale/For Trade Mj, Hakeem, Thomas autos etc.. will listen to offers.

    will look at trades for anything that catches my eye/pc players etc.. or right price. Dont get me wrong would love to keep em... just interested to see what you guys have to offer. thanks :)
  23. jay87

    UD 12/13 All time greats 3 box case break tmw evening!

    Just letting you guys know early that my case of UD AT Greats plus a tin of Timeless arrives tmw! Pretty damn excited as you can tell! Will be my first case break in about 2 years! gettin back into the game with a BANG! (I HOPE) :p Will start the break at 6:30pm Perth time tmw. Need all your...
  24. jay87

    Thoughts on Timeless Treasures 12/13??

    Looking at possible case purchase soon, i really like the look of the product and a case is under $600 (my price range). Any thought or suggestions etc... Thanks
  25. jay87

    Cancelled Jay87 & kenny3011

    I get: Terrence Ross Leaf auto and Brandon Roy Ultimate Sig Kenny gets: $14 paypal Gift! All good??
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