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  1. hobo

    Completed hob and Joshua Parkes

    hobo gets 2013 NZ STG Tazo set Joshua Parkes gets PayPal Agreed Cheers Ross
  2. hobo

    For Sale/For Trade 2009 Daily Telegraph Parallel Foils

    I have a heap of these that would be better off in someone else's collection, Bargain at a $1 each or happy to trade for Dragons stuff I need. 2009 Daily Telegraph Parallel Foils Souths: Luke / Talanoa / Sutton / Simpson / Broncos: Clinton / Kenny Sharks: Logo / Covell x 2 / Seymour x 2 /...
  3. hobo

    Shill bidding at its finest

    Only 1 item ever bought 315 bids 87 different items 98% with the same seller DOG!!!!
  4. hobo

    For Sale/For Trade 2008 Centenary Unopened box + Folder

    I have a sealed box and a folder (no album card) 4 sale or 4 Trade $240 delivered or equivalent in my want list in my Signature below: Cheers Ross
  5. hobo

    T SIMS Jersey Patch

    I know these are a dime a dozen but the differences in patches never ceases to amaze me, who would associate a black palm tree on a white back ground with the Red V. Here's mine just back from TLA:
  6. hobo

    For Sale/For Trade 2019 Elite Head to Head Proctor & Harris 47/61

    Have this from a Diggaz case break: Swap for Dragons equivalent or stuff on my Want list in sig below. All offers considered Cheers Ross
  7. hobo

    Authentic NSW 2019 winning SOO jersey $50

    For anyone interested I came across this promo which seems pretty good value ......apart from needing to drink Tooheys!!
  8. hobo

    Completed battingsticks 84 and hobo

    hobo getPayPal $$$'s battingsticks gets: 2010 champions Impact sig gold - IS1 Thaiday / IS2 Yow Yeh / IS3 Wallace Sensations gem - 2 McCullough 2011champions SP13 Gillett 2011 Strike Commons 7,10,14,16 2012 Dynasty 13 Reed / 16 Wallace 2008 centenary 163 Webb Hobo agrees Cheers
  9. hobo

    Completed hobo and Battingsticks84

    hobo gets: Glory CCC x 2 #38 and #55 Battingsticks84 gets: 2007 Champions SK2 hobo agrees Cheers Ross
  10. hobo

    Completed hobo and Leopold09

    hobo gets IPs Leopold09 gets PayPal $ hobo agrees as per PMs
  11. hobo

    STG Captains run

    Went along to Jubilee to watch the Captains run on Saturday before the Bulldogs game and finally after some badly run club events etc I managed to put a dent in the IP Wants that was growing out of control.
  12. hobo

    NRL 2019 SuperCoach **Done**

    Welcome to the 10th year of OCT SuperCoach. 1 ILikeMyPotatosMashed - Bird is the Word 👍💲 ✔ 2 hobo - The Pentrators 👍💲 ✔ 3 kiwi_in_melb - Darth Raider 👍💲 ✔ 4 Camilen997 - Wooden Spooners 👍💲 ✔ 5 Brendan_B - Hodgo’s Heroes 👍💲 ✔ 6 sharkiefan0102 - Bundys Sharks 👍💲 ✔ 7 Muzza - Muzza's Berries 👍💲 ✔ 8...
  13. hobo

    SOLD/TRADED 2019 Traders Case Card Chris Heighington #5

    Looking to trade my Heighington Retirement parallel Case Card #5 for a Nightingale equivalent. Well sell to fund my purchase if trade not available. Cheers Ross
  14. hobo

    18/19 Tap N Play BBL

    Was fortunate enough to win on of the boxes in the recent competition, here's the main results. Any interest let me know \ Cheers Ross
  15. hobo


    Found this unique set of framed pictures:
  16. hobo

    Grand Final predictions

    I predict Billy Slater will win Melbourne the Grand Final with a try saving shoulder charge tackle 1 meter out in the dying seconds and then get suspended for 3 weeks. Score: Melbourne 22 Roosters 10 Clive Churchill: Cam Smith Cheers Ross
  17. hobo

    APCS Card - A Fake?

    Thoughts on this little beauty?
  18. hobo

    Completed Leopold09 and hobo

    Leopold09 gets 3 x Tri Nations cards from 2005 Tradition release hobo gets PayPal $$s Agreed Cheers Ross
  19. hobo

    Completed hobo and kkingebayacct

    Hobo gets: 2 x STG IPs kkingebayacct gets: Pay Pal Agreed Cheers Ross
  20. hobo

    STG Members Day 2018

    I arrived at Kogarah Jubilee Oval, strolled down Legends walk reliving some fantastic memories, joined the queue of about 20 people already there, thought to myself this is going sweet today. Then we where allowed in to watch the last of the captains run, I turn around and notice most people...
  21. hobo

    A few from STG v Melb

    Picked a couple of IPs on Sunday at the game. Cheers Ross
  22. hobo

    Completed hobo and Medi

    Medi gets Thurston Diamond Phenom Hobo gets PayPal and Vaughan ASN hobo agrees
  23. hobo

    STG 2008 Select T.OC.

    Just putting the last of my TOC cards in the folder and thought I would share the 4 together.
  24. hobo

    1995 Series 2 3D Dynamic Club Sample Card

    Can anyone share some info on this? Cheers Ross
  25. hobo

    Completed hobo and 3bet

    3bet gets: 2008 Champions IPS Sutton / Vagana / Stuart hobo gets: PayPal $s Cheers Ross
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