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  1. hobo

    Full STG Want List (Looking For Black Startoon Frizell)

    Time for a pre-season bump. Anybody help? Cheers Ross
  2. hobo


    User hasn't been on the site since Feb 2018. He posted a couple of threads (in the wrong forum) to try and sell something never to be seen again. You can tell by hovering mouse pointer over username.
  3. hobo

    EBay Seller of the Month

    I think what we have established is just because it is graded doesn't mean it makes you rich......probably poorer in fact at over $10 a card. I would suggest that grading isn't overly popular in the NRL trading card world and would add no value to resale ( unless GEM MINT). I'm not sure why...
  4. hobo

    EBay Seller of the Month

    Regardless of the fact they are graded $895 for a team set that is in averages condition at best is a hell of an expensive set.IMO
  5. hobo

    NRL Case Break #85 - 2020 NRL Traders - Team Draft - SOLD OUT!

    I'll play Paid via PayPal FF Cheers
  6. hobo

    The Official 2020 TLA NRL Traders thread.

    I agreed we shouldn't begrudge dealers any opportunity to ensure they have a chance at running a stable viable business. It benefits us all and I have been lucky to personally benefit from the dealers on here particularly Michael and Warren helping me reach my collection goals. My concern with...
  7. hobo

    IP want lists
  8. hobo

    IP Player or Team PCs?

    My IP want list here: Cheers Ross
  9. hobo

    1963 raper
  10. hobo

    The Official 2020 TLA NRL Traders thread.

    Not sure what to think about a "Street Art" sub set. I like it, then I don't like it and then like it again....... The card looks OK but I don't get the criteria. I.e It is not subjective when you have a set Dally M, Captain, POY, S.O.O etc. If it is a replacement subset for the Toons set...
  11. hobo

    EBay Seller of the Month

    How dose this seller get so many unsigned or not numbered signature cards? A few examples below
  12. hobo

    2019 Traders Predictor shares - Ready to Post

    Received safe and sound, Thanks Ross
  13. hobo

    2019 Traders Predictor shares - Ready to Post

    hobo paid via PP today. Thanks Mark for your time and efforts :thumbsup: Cheer Ross
  14. hobo

    EBay Seller of the Month

    Must be a big collection as postage is $20 as well......
  15. hobo

    Poppys Treasure - 63/64 Scanlens + more......

    Hey Nanoc, As Mike has said condition is pretty much everything, that and also the specific team and player will drive the price as well. I can tell you that the St George 1st grade 1966 Daily Mirror Photo is collectible and would be worth about $15. The Scanlens league stickers could be a...
  16. hobo

    Looking for advice, I have roughly 200 unopened packs, not sure if I should continue to open or sell (opened some and got an epic hit)

    I'm with Mike, perhaps keep 1 unopened pack per release and open the rest. Good score on the Freddy Regards Ross
  17. hobo

    1960 Kangaroos Tour Signed Jersey

    Nice Jersey signed by plenty of the greats of the game. I was hoping to see a 60s Kangaroos jersey as that certainly would have been something to see and petty hard to price. I think these types of composite items don't attract as much buyer excitement as a specific touring team, player issue...
  18. hobo

    1960 Kangaroos Tour Signed Jersey

    Yep right place. As Dave says pictures will help for sure so as we can guage condition. Is it framed, how many of the touring side signed it etc. Cheers Ross
  19. hobo

    Big League Magazine Info

    Hey Michael, I like these slightly abstract searches and a great resource to find answers is DansNRL Collectables,_Fitzpatrick,_QLD,_Pin-Up__QLD_v_NSW_Lineup.html 1974 Big League Had a Pin up of NSW V QLD...
  20. hobo

    Insurance for cards and memorabilia

    Are you only insuring half the collection? Cheers Ross
  21. hobo

    Completed hob and Joshua Parkes

    hobo gets 2013 NZ STG Tazo set Joshua Parkes gets PayPal Agreed Cheers Ross
  22. hobo

    2019 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    Shame indeed I can't think of any reason to like South now................. One of my all time favourites he would have been just about my top pick in any team over the last 10 years. Cheers Ross
  23. hobo

    Shill bidding at its finest

    Yep Bobby Bentley
  24. hobo

    2019 Grand Final Roosters vs Raiders - Who wins?

    A lifetime ban and a $5500 fine
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