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  1. CardCookie13

    eBay Lakers Legends Autos starting 99c

    19-20 Prizm Penmanship autos from a recent group break. Click the links below. Jerry West Auto 99c James Worthy Auto 99c
  2. CardCookie13

    Prizm and Revolution Rookie Cards

    Chasing RCs and inserts from Prizm and Revolution of: Rui Hachimura RJ Barrett Eric Paschall Please message me what you have and your best price. Thanks 😊
  3. CardCookie13

    eBay Prizm Rookies + Hoops Luka and Zion RCs 99c

    Selling off a few cards from Prizm group breaks including rookies and a couple of Hoops Rookies (Zion and Luka) to fund a card for my PC. All started at 99c ending tomorrow.
  4. CardCookie13

    eBay Simmons Blue Prizm Mosaic RC

    Click Here! Selling my Simmons Rookie Blue Mosaic starting at $20 with free delivery
  5. CardCookie13

    eBay Team Coach Huge lot of Gold Silver Prize etc, ENDS TODAY still at 99c!

    Selling all my golds, silvers, prize cards, captain cards and B&Fs to fund a new project. All listed on ebay starting at 99c, but happy to sell on OCT if anyone is interested.
  6. CardCookie13

    For Sale Base Cards

    Have cards from the following sets if anyone is chasing any singles or teams: Select 1993 AFL PA 94 Series (Full set) Select 1995 AFL Heroes 2001 Select Authentic 2001 Select Exclusive 2002 Select Exclusive 2002 SPX Select XL 2003 Select Conquest 2004 Select Tradition 2005 (some footy faces)...
  7. CardCookie13

    eBay Ending Midday Today! Rookie Autos Starting 99c Plus National Treasures, Gold Standard, Prizm and an eBay 1/1

    Looking to buy a Porzingis RPA that I've been offered, so selling these two as well as some other cards. National Treasures, Gold Standard, Totally Certified, Prizm, Kobe MVP and some other sets I had started chasing. Plus an eBay 1/1 auto from Noir. Happy bidding! :)...
  8. CardCookie13

    SOLD/TRADED Team Coach Auctions all Starting at 99c! Check out my eBay, 3-day auctions starting at 99c, hoping to fund a big PC card. Some great lots of gold and silver! Happy bidding :)
  9. CardCookie13

    North Melbourne, TeamCoach, Select Legacy etc

    Chasing Silver, Gold and Inserts of North Melbourne Below is a list of what I currently have, anything that isn't listed I am interested in trading (preferred) or buying. Also chasing a few base cards to finish sets and always interested in albums. Black in hand, red incoming. Team Coach 2001...
  10. CardCookie13

    Completed Webbywebb and cardcookie13

    Cookie gets 13 North Melbourne cards Webby gets paypal $
  11. CardCookie13

    2018 Legacy Box

    Grabbed a box of Legacy from Cherry. Hoping for some North cards or a Future Hall Of Fame. Opening shortly.
  12. CardCookie13

    Completed CardCookie13 and jmozz

    Jmozz receives 2005 Team Coach album with checklist cards plus 25 common, 14 silver, 7 gold. Cookie receives paypal
  13. CardCookie13

    SOLD/TRADED Please delete

    Please delete
  14. CardCookie13

    Wanted Pokémon Cards.

    Chasing cards from Base (not Base set 2) Jungle Fossil Team Rocket Gym Heroes Must be in good condition, no bending or chipping or scratching on holos. Happy to buy in bulk. Thanks
  15. CardCookie13

    Porzingis Rookie Autos

    Starting up a new PC. Chasing Porzingis Rookie Autos under $150. Please post a picture or link and a price. No base, inserts or game used thanks.
  16. CardCookie13

    Looking for Jordan Legacy Game Used

    Hi all, I pulled this card back in 2009, ended up selling it on here about 18 months ago, cant find the convo in my inbox as to who I sold it to. Would love to buy it back if anyone has it, or if not if anyone has a Jordan Legacy GU would consider buying one similar. Was numbered 9/23 Cheers
  17. CardCookie13

    For Sale/For Trade Wolves and Celtics lots (RCs and Noir)

    Cards from a recent Cherry Break, will trade for Ben Simmons rookie base/inserts. Wolves Lot $12 delivered Celtics Lot $8 delivered
  18. CardCookie13

    Ben Simmons Base and Inserts for Grading

    Just looking to pick up a few base cards of grading quality. Let me know a price and post a photo and I'll PM those I'm keen on. Cheers
  19. CardCookie13

    eBay Prizm Giannis Antentokounmpo RC Starting this at 99c, listing for 3 days. Happy bidding!
  20. CardCookie13

    Any value in First Edition Yugioh cards?

    Hi everyone, Have been sorting through some of my old cards and came across my Yugioh cards from back in the day. I have quite a few but mainly was wondering if there is any value in first editions? See the ones I have below. Thanks in advance for any advice. Nick
  21. CardCookie13

    SOLD/TRADED $50 EB Games voucher

    Got a voucher for Christmas but don't really have anything I want to buy, will sell for $42 delivered or trade for basketball card/s. Happy to check sale threads or buckets. Cheers
  22. CardCookie13

    For Sale Cricket cards featuring the all time greats *SCANS*

    I have cards from the following sets, have taken photos to give examples of a few cards, if you are chasing cards to finish sets or collect a certain player just let me know and I am happy to do up a lot with a price. Please post your chase set, player or team in the thread rather than PM...
  23. CardCookie13

    eBay My Pokemon Card Collection Ends Tonight 250+ cards 6 cents a card!

    Selling my entire Pokemon card collection on eBay. Listing will be up at 8.30pm tonight starting at 99c. A great start for someone looking to complete the early sets.
  24. CardCookie13

    eBay Rookie Cards, Harden, Durant, Griffin, DeRozan etc 99c

    Having a clean out, starting everything at 99c, 3 day auctions.
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