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  1. Nolzy

    Completed Nolzy and Wonderwoman

    Wonderwoman receives Trae Young CK RC level 2. Nolzy receives agreed paypal amount. Agreed?
  2. Nolzy

    Wanting to start a Mikal Bridges PC

    Looking for anything with an auto on it (as ugly as it is). Let me know what you've got. Thanks Nolzy
  3. Nolzy

    Completed Nolzy & Sukari

    Sukari receives Court Kings SGA auto, jacob Evan's auto and Jevon carter auto. Nolzy receives agreed PayPal amount. Agreed mate?
  4. Nolzy

    18/19 Court Kings cards for sale/trade including Trae Rookie level 3

    Grabbed a bunch of CK Hobby boxes lately and have the following cards for trade or PayPal. Players I look for in trade are D Book, Ayton, Mikal Bridges. I've attached price to most cards. $3.50 for regular post $7 for tracked Aus wide if buying. Cheers Trae Young Rookie level 3 - $old...
  5. Nolzy

    In Progress Sjay2k & Nolzy

    Nolzy Receives Devin Booker Grand Reserve cornerstones #/49 Sjay2k receives agreed pp amount. Deal?
  6. Nolzy

    Completed James23wcr and Nolzy

    James23wcr receives Spectacular Swatches Steph Curry, Spectaclar Swatches Kyrie Irving, and Black Gold Steph Curry jersey card. Nolzy receives agreed pp amount. All good mate?
  7. Nolzy

    Completed Nolzy & Shawnkemp40

    Shawn Kemp receives Thon Maker CK auto and Thon Maker art nouveau. Nolzy receives agreed pp
  8. Nolzy

    Nolzy's Sell/Trade thread. More added, Spectra + more. Some prices reduced.

    Hi guys, all cards pictured available for trade or sale. Will get around to adding prices when I can, in the meantime if you want to drop me a reasonable offer go ahead. Only interested in D Booker's or J Jackson RC's in trade. Postage is $3 regular, $7 registered. Thanks! Tony Bradley...
  9. Nolzy

    Completed Araiee and Nolzy

    Araiee sends Josh Jackson auto and Josh Jackson Contenders insert. Nolzy sends agreed pp All good mate?
  10. Nolzy

    SOLD/TRADED Please delete

    Choice Signatures of Reggie Miller from 17/18 Totally Certified $3 regular post $7 registered Numbered 27/35 $70
  11. Nolzy

    Contents of busted 17/18 Absolute, includes nice Tatum auto!

    Got a box of Absolute today, wasn't looking too great until the Tatum hit. All are available for sale or trade. Only really interested in Booker or Josh Jackson RC at the moment.
  12. Nolzy

    WANTED: Devin Booker (autos, patches) and Mikal Bridges and Ayton

    Anyone have any nice TJ Warren cards?
  13. Nolzy

    SOLD/TRADED Please delete

    Registered post Australia wide. Can split it up if I have to but would rather sell as a group. Thanks.
  14. Nolzy

    Completed Nolzy and Gomoto

    Nolzy receives Absolute Devin Booker tools of the trade 2/25 Gomoto receives PayPal $ Agreed?
  15. Nolzy

    Completed Gary Dixon & Nolzy

    Gary Dixon receives: Court Kings 16/17 Heir Apparent buddy Hield Buddy Hield RC 2 Buddy Hield RC 3 Ben Simmons RC 3 Ben Simmons Portrait/175 Nolzy receives PayPal $ Agreed?
  16. Nolzy

    Completed NBASIMMO & Nolzy

    NBASIMMO receives 15/16 Noir Westbrook patch /49 & 13/14 Memorable Memorabilia Rajon Rondo/175 Nolzy gets PayPal $ Agreed?
  17. Nolzy

    Selling random Innovation/CK RC's/Hoops. Low end + auto's

    Please include $3 for standard post. Thanks for looking! :) Westbrook Noir Patch - $12 Wedman - $3 Oden - $2 Hawes - $2 Rondo - $2 Lebron /199- $10 Westbrook Signature 7/25- $4 Mcgary - $1 Derozan - $1 Bosh - $1.50 Any CK...
  18. Nolzy

    SOLD/TRADED Please delete

    Looking to move these cards sell or trade. I collect Ulis, Booker, Chriss, Bender, and Jackson. Bledsoe too.
  19. Nolzy

    Completed Tobes83 and Nolzy

    Tobes83 receives 2 x Court Kings 16/17 Caris levert on card auto cards. Nolzy receives $$$ via PayPal. Agreed mate?
  20. Nolzy

    Completed Nolzy and nagrom21

    Nagrom21 receives total of 9 Denver Nuggets cards. Nolzy receives paypal $$ and Limited patch auto Bender card. Agreed??
  21. Nolzy

    Chasing suns players

    Hey guys Currently chasing the following: RC patches/autos/low #'d of Bender, Chriss, Ulis. Also chasing the same of Bledsoe and Booker. Also the same of Steve Nash. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks!!
  22. Nolzy

    Trading CK 16/17 dupes for needs.

    Morning all, I'm currently collecting the latest Court Kings. Pics below are of some dupes I'd love to trade for any Court Kings 16/17 that I don't have. There's a few base, and the rest are RC's, a portrait, Maestro of BG, and an Art Nouveau of Buddy Hield. I'm a shift worker and often can't...
  23. Nolzy

    Completed Nolzy & Daymo84

    I send paypal $ to Daymo84, and you send me Hoops Road to finals 19, 32, 65, birds eye lavine, and action shots 8. Deal?
  24. Nolzy

    I'm looking for inserts from NBA Hoops 16/17

    I'm currently on the hunt for missing road to the finals cards (quite a lot, pm me what you have), and also: Team leaders (2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30) Dreams (Need all apart from KAT, Porzingis 9 and AD number 7) Courtside (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10...
  25. Nolzy

    Hey guys

    Excited to join the community, chasing NBA Hoops insert cards, will put up a post soon!
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