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    Captain Signatures for Sale

    Hi Guys, I have the following Captain Sigs for sale: Sam Mitchell Nick Riewoldt Chris Judd Boomer Harvey Johnathon Brown looking to see the lot for $2850
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    Lebron James Topps Chrome RC's Lot of 10

    Hi guys, I have a lot of 10 LBJ Rc's available for sale. Looking to offload in order to fund some other purchases. PM if interested.
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    Sealed case of Supremacy for sale

    Hi Guys, I bought two cases of Supremacy. One I opened. One ive kept sealed. I've been buying some NBA and MLB stuff so I think im gonna need to sell my unopened Supremacy case. I would rather sell to this community (if there is interest) rather than list on ebay. Feel free to PM me if...
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    Supremacy For Sale

    PM me if any are of interest. Basecards (#/90): Bryce Gibbs 13 Luke Hodge 82 - SOLD Lewis Taylor 71 Jacob Weitering 38 -SOLD Joe Daniher 18 - SOLD Brad Hill 82 Ed Langdon 7 - SOLD Mitch Duncan 13 Joel Selwood 6 - SOLD Lachie Whitfield 2 Shaun Burgoyne 50 - SOLD Tom...
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    My Cards

    Have just started collecting. Will update as I add to my collection.
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    1996 Hall of Fame Centenary Platinum Set in Leather Album

    There are several singles and some team sets for sale on EBay. Just wondering if anyone has the complete set still in the leather album available for sale?
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    Valuation of Cards

    Hi Guys, I was wondering how you go about getting your cards valued? Back in the day it was the trusted Beckett magazine guide. It seems to me that that most people these days just use the most recent sale on ebay to determine a cards value? The other way is to see what the local card shop...
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    Most Iconic AFL cards post 1996

    I've deliberately asked about post 1996 so the HOF Legend Sig cards cant be listed. What would you include in your list of the most iconic (vague definition, i know) AFL cards of the past 20yrs or so?
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