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  1. Connor-Pain

    Follow me on Twitter @bomberscards and Instagram @auscardcollector !

    Follow me on Twitter @bomberscards and Instagram @auscardcollector !
  2. Connor-Pain

    Select Supremacy Thread (now with Afterpay)

    I agree, but surely a Buddy base card is worth more than any Essendon player right now?
  3. Connor-Pain

    Select Supremacy Thread (now with Afterpay)

    Lol at a seller having each Essendon base card at $100+ each already. What a joke
  4. Connor-Pain

    Australian Card Stores/Suppliers

    Is Al's Card Shop in Perth still open? Heading over there next week for the Eagles v Bombers game and will have a lot of time to kill between landing and the game
  5. Connor-Pain

    Case break

    Sick Hurley!
  6. Connor-Pain

    FS: Kyrie Irving auto's, RCs, Gold prizms and jersey cards

    Bump. Willing to trade for Essendon cards!
  7. Connor-Pain

    Scotty_WCE’s 2019 Select Dominance Just posted this thread! Might be easier to chat in a private message though
  8. Connor-Pain

    LF: 2019 Select Dominance Essendon + Dominance FS/FT

    Hi guys, Just figured I'd make a thread on the 2019 Dominance cards I'm looking for. Mainly after just the big boys as the base/holo parallels should be easier to pick up. Also have some Dominance cards for FS/FT so just let me know if you want pics of what I have. WANTED: Draft Pick...
  9. Connor-Pain

    2019 Select Dominance 1st Box Break

    Unfortunately won't have pictures but can upload if people really want to see them. Draft Pick Signatures: DPS10 Jacob Koschitzke 15/175 Premiership Predictor: PP9 Essendon Gold 174/175 Medal Winners: MW5 Tom Mitchell MVP Timeless: T16 Levi Greenwood 221/350 T21 Mark Baguley 019/350...
  10. Connor-Pain

    Scotty_WCE’s 2019 Select Dominance

    I've got Holographic Parallel HP205!
  11. Connor-Pain

    VIC - Melbourne toy and hobby fair - 23rd June 2019

    Is there parking available close by, and if so, how much does it cost?
  12. Connor-Pain

    2018 Select Legacy 2 Boxer

    Sweet Heppell! Really need to find one for a good price and pick one up, such a great design
  13. Connor-Pain

    2018 Select Hilites All Rounds & Finals Cards Listing

    Anyone have an extra Aaron Francis Rising Star? Need one for the Essendon PC!
  14. Connor-Pain

    chensanity 07/01 updated

    Would you do a Michael Hurley and David Zaharakis DPS for $75 shipped?
  15. Connor-Pain

    Select Upcoming Series Info

    Cheers! Thanks!
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