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    Giannis Antetokounmpo base cards

    Are these of any interest to you.
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    2014-2016 trying to complete some sets..

    Hi Steve I have these from your want list.
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    The Official 2020 TLA NRL Traders thread.

    Would Sam Burgess be a candidate for a retirement card.You could have 4 cards for the bunnies.Also which dragon,s player would they pick.I hope both of them.Gi,Gal,Cronk,Farrah and Scott are certainties.Fine collection of players there.
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    The Official 2020 TLA NRL Traders thread.

    If the retirement cards continue this year,which players should have cards.Also do you think there will be more than 15 cards.
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    1963 raper

    I saw a person pay 200.00 plus for a parramatta card from this set in much worse condition than that.Very nice pickup.
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    The company is called newpack-sydney
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    There are a couple of sites on ebay where you can buy padded bags,and the quality is just as good as australia post bags.100 bags at 20.00 with free post.That doe,s help a bit towards the postage increase.
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    Smudged signature

    Fair enough.Good luck in what ever you decide.
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    Smudged signature

    I have dealt with select in regards to redemption cards,and never waited anymore than a month.That was Rugby League cards.If they have to get the player to sign another card,that could be a differen matter.
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    Wanted 2019 black (40) roosters League sensation tupou

    There are 2 on ebay.One of them is no.1.And both have the buy now or make an offer option.
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    For Sale 2010 Showtime

    Yes mate,im just waiting to here back from someone about the card.
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    For Sale 2010 Showtime

    Any interest in this also.2002 pro sheet and promo cards.
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    Show us your best pick up for 2019

    Never brought many cards this year,but i brought this one on the 19/1/19 from Vic/No Doubt.
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    Hurstville Collector,s Fair

    There is a another place at Liverpool called the Whitlam Center which was thrown in as a possibility,but the rent was too much.
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    Hurstville Collector,s Fair

    Out west.
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    Hurstville Collector,s Fair

    There is a proposal to pull the pavillon down for developement of more retirement units.The last show was supposed to be the November show,but now there is one more in February.The word now is after Feburary show,they are looking at somewhere around the Windser/Richmond area.Who know whats going...
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    Ben Cousins Inserts and Commons

    Daniel I have these 2 items,you can have them for free.Just send your address if you want them.
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    Christmas Breaks!

    Anything worthwhile from the NFL boxes.
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    SOLD/TRADED Big Dell

    Will send it off on monday.I have your details.Thanks Dave.
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    EBay Seller of the Month

    Has some great cards on ebay from 2 different threads,thats a bit of a worry.Also won,t answer any messages.
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    SOLD/TRADED Big Dell

    I have this card,but no certificate.13.00 Delivered.
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    Completed Paul Ambrey and lucsicari

    Paul Ambrey receives paypal and lucsicari receives cavs cards and postage included . I agree.
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    5 Favourite Cards

    There is also a Corey Feldman/Mouth auto from that set,but very hard to get.
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    EBay Seller of the Month

    I was just wondering why there was 2 different suburbs.
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