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  1. Slick.34

    In Progress Jett22 and slick34

    Jet22 receives paypal $$ and slick34 receives 3x morant prizm Agree?
  2. Slick.34

    Matildas Signed Cards? (Tap n Play)

    Price on the Sam kerrs? Got photos?
  3. Slick.34

    Ja morant and Luka

    Looking for bulk base Prizm, let me know what’s available?
  4. Slick.34

    Jordan rookie sticker

    $400 delivered. Cover fees. Must pay straight away.
  5. Slick.34

    Luka Noir RPA

    No trades sorry
  6. Slick.34

    Luka Noir RPA

    $2500 obo delivered registered with signature.
  7. Slick.34

    Sealed packs.

    Looking for sealed packs of prizm, all years....
  8. Slick.34

    In Progress Slick.34 and Juventus85

    Slick34 receives Luka revolution auto Juventus85 receives paypal $$ Agreed.
  9. Slick.34

    Michael Jordan rookie!

    $425 delivered. Ff or cover fees Payment straight away.
  10. Slick.34

    Luka prizm base!

    Send through what you have and price.
  11. Slick.34

    Luka Auto!

    Great looking card! 😍 I’d love to come across a sneaker noir
  12. Slick.34

    Luka Auto!

    Nice only got 1k of the AUD variety haha
  13. Slick.34

    Luka Auto!

    Got around 1k to spend
  14. Slick.34

    Unopened box of supremacy

    Ebay comps are from $850-$1050 so somewhere in between there....
  15. Slick.34

    Unopened box of supremacy

    Selling an unopened box of supremacy, any interest?
  16. Slick.34

    Luka Sneaker Auto.

    Message me if you have one for sale!
  17. Slick.34

    Cripps Brownlow predictor

    $150 delivered
  18. Slick.34

    Patrick Cripps Wanted.

  19. Slick.34

    Patrick Cripps Wanted.

    Looking for draft signature card!
  20. Slick.34

    Anyone selling a Jordan 86 sticker

    Made a purchase on this card, thanks
  21. Slick.34

    Anyone selling a Jordan 86 sticker

    Message through what you have available..
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