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  1. MC_D

    Traders and Elite wanted list

    Hi all chasing the below listed cards. Cheers Mick. 2017 Traders Broncos predictor card. 2017 Marvel series Alex Glenn gold plated 2018 Elite Ruby Mojos - Jack Bird, Anthony Milford and James Roberts. 2018 Young Gun black sig Jaiden Su’a
  2. MC_D

    2019 Milestone set

    Any news if TLA are doing another Milestones set this year? Last years release was December but from memory they were advertised around finals time? Have to say the quality of last years milestone cards were TLA best too.
  3. MC_D

    Deleting old sales threads

    Hi guys how do I delet old sales threads? Cheers Mick
  4. MC_D

    For Trade 2019 Elite for trade

    Hi all, I have the following Elite for trade. Have: League sensations black - Isaah Yeo #09/40. Need: LSB Alex Glenn.
  5. MC_D

    TLA - NRL game Cards’s website

    Morning all I having dramas trying to reset my password on I cannot email them through support or do the email recovery saying their host is not working???
  6. MC_D

    2019 Traders Best&Less

  7. MC_D

    Wanted list

    Hi all I’m looking for the following cards to buy or trade for. Have plenty cards to trade for equivalent. Cheers Mick 2019 Traders: Need: Blue Startoon - McCullough black Startoon - McCullough Case card retirement - Thaiday 2018 Elite: Need: Young gun black - Jayden Su’a Need: Ruby mojos -...
  8. MC_D

    Fox sport retro round cards?

    Did anyone actually win the fox sports retro round cards? I found the add for it and the cards looked like the old stimorol from the early 90s. Sorry for the ordinary photo the hyper link wouldn’t work?
  9. MC_D

    Broncos collection

    Received my 2 Sammy Thaiday redemptions on Friday happy with the patches 👍
  10. MC_D

    For Trade 2018 Ruby’s for trade

    Hi all I’m looking at trading the following cards. (For sale) Titans - Max King young gun sig 15/90. Thanks for looking, Mick
  11. MC_D

    For Trade 2018 Pink Startoons and World Cup for trade

    Hi all looking at trading the below 2018 Traders cards. all in mint condition if anyone wants photos i can add them? Thanks for looking Mick. Pink Startoons Require - SP1/18 Josh McGuire For trade - Nathan Ross SP9(#44) ebay, Adam Reynolds SP13(#59), groupB SP14(84), Jack De Belin SP15(#16 and...
  12. MC_D

    2016 State of Orgin set

    2016 State of Orgin set has a promo on real collectables. No price advertise? last two previous years are $69 hopefully same price?
  13. MC_D

    Worst picture used for a card?

    I thought I would see if anyone can come up with a worst picture then this one used for a card? Bobby Linder's 1988 takes the cake for me! Hope that's the mum of his kids? lol
  14. MC_D

    Coles talking figures

    Was in Coles today and they are flogging off the state of origin talking figures for $2.00 each!
  15. MC_D

    ASCC Mag online still?

    Hi Guys I've been out of the loop for a little while and cannot find the ASCC Mag online anymore? This was the best resource for checklist ever! I thought Owen from Newcastle cards had taken it over? i could be wrong? Any update would be awesome cheers. Mick
  16. MC_D

    2015 ELite Quads & Souths MOJO

    Hi all I have a couple of 2015 Elite Quads for trade. I am after a Broncos forwards quad card, have a knights forwards #006 or a cowboys forwards #053 for trade. Also looking at trading a Souths MOJO set #022 for a Broncos MOJO. Cheers, Mick
  17. MC_D

    1986 panini transformers stickers

    Hello, I found my old 1986 Panini transformers sticker book and need to fill in some blanks. If anyone has any for sale please let me know? Regards, Mick
  18. MC_D

    1990 Fielders stickers

    Hi All, I was looking at the 1990 Fielders stickers and was hoping that someone would have a good photo of the Ben Elias sticker that came on the chart? I have or seen all the others but never the Balmain legend Benny. I still think this was the best footy bread series that was released, if...
  19. MC_D

    NRL - Want list 1985 to 1995

    Hi all please see my NRL wanted list from 1985 to 1995. Happy to buy at the right price, I haven't got much to trade with at the moment. Cheers, Mick 1985 - NSWRL Stickers - 14, 84, 90, 94, 171, 173, 184, 185, 191, 203. 1990 - Streets Brisbane Broncos - Tony Currie, Greg Dowling, Chris...
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