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  1. WhoDat

    For Sale Perth based collectors.

    Just bought a very large collection of Auto / GU & insert cards NBA, NFL, MLB - lower end cards. 1000's of them. Finally got them all price up and in folders. Doing a 50% off on them this week only. Open 7 days. Come in and grab a few bargains or finish of those sets.
  2. WhoDat


    Redemption Busted tonight. For sale including reg post $180
  3. WhoDat

    For Sale 2012/13 Panini Brilliance - $120 per box Delivered Express post anywhere in AU

    Projected release date 22/05/2013 This is a Pre-sale offer only. Purchase through website only.Purchase must be made by the 10th of May. Offer available for the first 12 boxes and 1 lucky purchaser could win a $25 store credit. Paypal, Credit Card and direct deposit are welcomed. Website...
  4. WhoDat

    For Sale 2012-13 Panini Limited Basketball - Pre-Sale - Release Wednesday 12th December

    Probably the last release before Christmas - Get in Quick!! $125 per box express posted / $1700 per case Dlvd anywhere in Aus. Payment via PayPal or Direct Deposit. (Cases must be via Direct deposit) Configuration: 1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack. BOX BREAK: Two Autographs, One Memorabilia...
  5. WhoDat

    For Sale 2012-13 Totally Certified Basketball Boxes / Cases

    Box Price $145 Dlvd - Case Price $1600 Dlvd - Direct deposit only on cases / Boxes fine with PayPal or DD. In early November and following one season away, Totally Certified Basketball returns to the marketplace with a reloaded 2012-13 edition that should continue to elevate the status of a...
  6. WhoDat

    2012 NFL Panini Prominence Box Break
  7. WhoDat

    2012 Panini NFL Prominence Boxes pre-sale

    Per sale express posted $125 - bust them on release date 26th Paypal or direct deposit welcomed
  8. WhoDat

    For Sale Fleer Retro - Pre Sale - Chance to get half $ back :) $320 dlvd or $300 pick up (8/9 sold)

    I will have 9 boxes for sale at $320.00 Dlvd anywhere in Australia or $300 pick up. Will express post as soon as delivered. Paypal Once the 9 boxes have been sold I will do a random video draw and refund $150 back to that lucky person picked. So a 1 in 9 chance of getting...
  9. WhoDat

    For Sale 2012-13 Panini Totally Certified Basketball - Pics - Nov 2012

    Release date 07/11/2012 - Price TBA as we get closer to release
  10. WhoDat

    For Sale 2012-13 Panini NBA Threads - Box Break / Pics - Kobe Mojo

    Release Date: 03/10/12 - $125 Delivered Express Post anywhere in Australia. Come in store on release day to bust before the US :) Each Box contains (3) Autographs and (1) Memorabilia Card!! Autograph sets include Rookies, Team Threads Signatures, Rookie Team Threads Signatures, and Private...
  11. WhoDat

    For Sale 2012-13 Panini NBA Prestige - shipping now - sick patch pics - Durant 3 color :)

    Release Date: 14/09/12 - $125 Dlvd anywhere in Aus Express Posted or be in store on release date to bust away. Each Box contains (3) Autograph Cards, (1) Memorabilia Card, and (24) Rookie Cards!! One Rookie Card in Every Pack! Prestige features 100 Rookies from the 2011/12 and 2012/13 Seasons...
  12. WhoDat

    Panini 2012 NFL Rookies & Stars - Box-break Pics - MOJO!!

    In Store Now! $130 Delivered
  13. WhoDat

    Panini 2012 NFL Rookies & Stars - Box-Sell - Release 23/8

    Price Delivered anywhere in Australia: OZCT Premium Member- $120 OZCT Non Premium Member - $130 Paypal - Each box contains (4) Autographs or Memorabilia Cards! Each Box will also contain the following: - (24) Rookie Cards - (1) Longevity Parallel - (7) True Blue...
  14. WhoDat

    For Sale Panini 2012-13 Hoops - Grats Kyrie Auto Bust - WhoDat Mojo!!

    Only a couple of weeks away Box Price Delivered $95.00 Case Price Delivered $1750 (20 box case) Good time to spend those tax refunds
  15. WhoDat


    Welcome!! Becketts will now be available on a regular monthly basis from WhoDat. Please contact us for more details or Subscriptions. We currently have 5 in stock of the August edition for $24.95 delivered. If interested please reply to thread. First in, first served :) Paypal...
  16. WhoDat

    Panini 2012 NFL Elite - Box Break

  17. WhoDat

    Camby Anyone

    Think Someone was after this one. Let me know
  18. WhoDat

    Panini 2012 NFL Elite - Pre-Sell - Release 25/7

    Price Delivered anywhere in Australia: OZCT Premium Member- $140 OZCT Non Premium Member - $150 Paypal - Look for (2) Autographs, (2) Memorabilia Cards, (4) Rookie Cards, (1) Parallel, (1) Rookie Hard Hat, and (4-5) other inserts per box!! Each case delivers the...
  19. WhoDat

    Panini 2012 Gold Standard - Release 18/7 - Video up!

    Get in quick - Limited supply $225.00 Delivered to Premium Members $230.00 Delivered to Non Premium Members orders to
  20. WhoDat

    Perth Trade Day tomorrow - Limited in stock

    Trade Day is on from 12pm tomorrow. NBA Limited now in stock. Also opportunity to pre order Panini Gold NBA boxes. Release 18th July
  21. WhoDat

    Panini 2012 Limited Basketball Release - 6th of July

    Now taking Pre-Orders of Boxes for 2012 NBA Limited $130.00 deliverd for non-OZCT Premium peeps and $125 Delivered for OZCT Premium Supporters. Email, (is also PayPal Addy)(Direct Deposit also available), with quantity and postal address and I will advise direct deposit...
  22. WhoDat

    Who Dat Cards Comics and Collectables - 2011 Prestige Bust
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