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  1. Crows4ever

    For Sale/For Trade Grand Final/ Future Force Sale

    Sorry, I certainly didn't mean for it to sound sarcastic. I was fairly certain that you meant DPE but just wanted to be sure as I am after some of these. I will send you a PM later today after the GF has finished.
  2. Crows4ever

    For Sale/For Trade Grand Final/ Future Force Sale

    "All AA and DPS $4 (discount for bulk) - Just ask as have many" Did you really mean DPS? :ermm: Suspect you mean DPE but if really DPS could you list the ones you have at this price.
  3. Crows4ever


    Are these peeled or unpeeled?
  4. Crows4ever

    For Sale 2012 eternity

    PM sent re the Predictor and Case Card
  5. Crows4ever

    For Sale/For Trade AFL sell off, Infinity / Champions /Auto etc

    PM sent to you today (wednesday 30/11/11)
  6. Crows4ever

    For Sale Signature cards for sale

    Pm sent to you today 22/11/11.
  7. Crows4ever

    AFL cards

    I have sent you a PM.
  8. Crows4ever

    For Sale/For Trade Early WCE/AFL Commons/Inserts

    I have sent a PM to you. ---------- Post added 13-11-2011 at 07:17 PM ---------- Oopps, Please disregard above. Posted in wrong thread.
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