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    Team set collections

    With a lot of collectors moving from full set collections to single team collections I was wondering does a team collection just constitute the cards in their team colours, or does State of Origin and Australian Representative cards form part of that collection. Just interested what everyone...
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    2018 and 2019 sell sheets and checklists

    Hi, I am trying to find the Sell sheets and checklists for the 4 releases in 2018 (traders, Elite, Glory, Xtreme) and 2 in 2019 (Traders and Elite) so I can print them off. Normally I can find these on this site but not having much luck. Thanks.
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    1993 Norwich Rising Star team photo

    A bit of a long shot but I am trying to find a photo of the Norwich Rising Star team photo of 1993. I do recall seeing one many years ago. I have flicked through my Big League magazines but cant seem to find one. Nothing on the internet either. There is the AFL one but no history for the then...
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    Signed Cricket Cards to trade

    I have the following signed cards available for trade. Let me know if there is anything of interest. I will be adding more sets in the future. Tap N Play BBL 2018/2019 Test 5 - Peter Hanscomb 8 - Nathan Lyon 14 - Mitchell Starc Women's Team 19 - Ashleigh Gardner 20 - Rachel Haynes 21 - Alyssa...
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    1990s's Auckland DB Bitter & 2002 Souths Arrive Alive cards

    Have a number of the 1990's Auckland Warriors DB Bitter cards & 2002 Souths Arrive Alive oversize cards on Ebay if you are interested.
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    Framed 2014 Honours Draft set

    Picked this up from one of the players earlier today. Apparently only 40 framed sets. Any idea whether the cards would be un-numbered or stamped player on the back. Also any idea of value, not that I want to sell it.
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    2014 and 2015 Checklists

    Hi all, Trying to work out what Bulldogs cards I am missing. Trying to find where I can find a copy of the checklists or sell sheets for 2013 and 2014 Traders and Elite, and 2015 Elite. Thanks.
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    Signed AFL Inserts

    Hi, As the heading says I'm looking to buy signed AFL inserts from 2003 to 2015. Future Force, Draft Picks, etc. Let me know what you have and what you would want for them. I don't have many so most I will need.
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    Signed Redbacks set

    Hi, Just finished getting my Redbacks set fully signed. Looks great so thought I would share.
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    Tap n Play - Inserts Wanted

    Hi all, Looking for most of the Best of The Bash and Memorable Moments inserts. Only have a couple so looking for most of them. Prefer to buy in a bulk lot so please let me know what you have and want you would want for them. Hoping to buy ASAP. Michael
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    New Tap n Play IP signatures

    Hi all, Boxes arrived just in time. Managed to get my IP set off and running. Cards look great in hand. Now looking forward to the Test Match. A few of the spares are available for trade.
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    Pakistan mini bat

    Hi, Just wondering if you guys can help me with this mini bat I just picked up at the markets. Gray Nicolls Scoop which brought back some childhood memories. I think I can work out Javed Miandad, Mudassar Nazar, Wazim Raja, and Ramiz Raja. I am trying to work out the others and what year it...
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    Completed Sports Nut and XaustinX

    Sports Nut gets 23 signed NRL cards XaustinX gets Paypal payment as per site guidelines.
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    Completed Sports Nut & Steven James

    Sports Nut gets Davis, Headland, and Scotland Top Prospects posted. Steven James gets Paypal dollars Agreed??
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    Bulldogs 2013 and 2014 Traders

    I believe there were two levels of Parallels in the 2013 and 2014 Elite Traders and 2013 Traders sets. Sorry, but I don't have a checklist. I think the Elites were Gold and not sure what the normal traders were. Looking for the Bulldogs cards of these as I have just noticed my sets stop at the...
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    2015 Champions Common Sets

    Hi All, I'm looking for 2 full sets of commons. Please PM with a price including postage and how quickly you could post them. Thanks.
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    Signed Cricket cards

    Hi all. Thought I would go to cricket training today. Had a very productive day. As a bit of a bonus the SA and NSW womens teams were also playing down at the oval. Most of what is here as a double will be up for trade.
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    Signed Card Want List

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to fill some holes in my collection. Below is my want list of signed cricket cards. I have heaps of signed cricket cards to trade including Indian IPL and World Twenty 20 card, as well a large amount of signed AFL cards for current players. Let me know if you have...
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    Completed Keatoboy & Sports Nut

    Keatoboy gets signed Mitchell Johnson aus reps signed card. Sports Nut gets $$$$. Agreed
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    Signed IP Big Bash Australian Reps cards

    I have these signed Australian Representative cards to trade. I prefer to trade for other signed cricket cards that I need but will sell if the right offer came along. All obtained personally so I can guarantee their authenticity (unlike a lot of the stuff on Ebay recently). PM me if you are...
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    4 x 2014 Champions Sets

    Hi, I'm not sure if anyone is doing any case breaks but I was after 4 base sets with next day delivery to ensure that I get them before Friday. Not sure is anyone can help here at a reasonable price. Regards Michael
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    Completed Sports Nut & Mikey T

    Mikey T gets $$$ Sports Nut get 20 signed AFL cards Agreed?
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    Signed Redbacks Cards

    Hi All, I have the following signed Redbacks cards to trade. I am looking to trade for other personally signed cricket cards. I also have many others to trade including the Big Bash cards and most of the Select recent sets. These cards come from a set of 50 so I may be able to help you get most...
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    IP signed cards

    Didn't have a lot to do so I went to NSW vs SA, and St Kilda training sessions. Here are the results. A lot of fun.
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    Big Bash IP signed cards

    I have a number of Big Bash IP signed cards from the Strikers, Heat, Stars, and Scorchers. Most of the teams are available. I'm looking to trade for other signed Big Bash cards, or other signed cricket cards that I need. PM if you are interested in doing a trade.
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