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  1. shawnkemp40

    where to from here??

    I think this is bang on. I'm not going to be mad at those who do case breaks etc and bank... that's their good luck I spose but it has made the hobby less fun for us who collect just because. I also miss card shops... Yes I was into the whole scene back in the early/mid 90's. We just swapped...
  2. shawnkemp40

    My first major issue using MMB

    Wow that's insane, yeah thankfully this was just a Thon and nothing that can't be replaced. I have a /199 already so it would have been a duplicate but it's just the whole issue when you don't get things delivered to you directly. So many variables. I wouldn't bother claiming against the seller...
  3. shawnkemp40

    My first major issue using MMB

    Ok so I messaged the seller and Steel City. Seller replies...long story short..they used a stock photo (which was not advised in the listing) as a result Steel City do not have my stolen/lost/fingered/fisted/moneyshotted card. I now have messaged Steel City and advised them that this is not my...
  4. shawnkemp40

    My first major issue using MMB

    Bought a Thon Maker UD 5x7 #'d 108/199 Was supposedly delivered to @MMB on Xmas Eve, still hadn't been processed which I only checked a few weeks back. Emailed Ben at MMB and long story short "they didn't receive it" now the exact 108/199 card/5x7 is for sale on eBay by steel City Collectibles...
  5. shawnkemp40

    A little bit of 90's and early 2000's reminiscing........

    The screw down was the "pool room" of cards. Only the best went into them!! I remember a Jordan fleer RC going around the card shops in Perth that must have been in an inch and a half thick screwdown. Was like a paving brick!! LA Gear, Sporting Card Enterprises and Al's were our main shops in...
  6. shawnkemp40

    Is Simmons too hyped?

    It's like the whole Jordan v Kobe v LeBron thing, People will back one guy til they are blue in the face. Having watched all 3 for years if I had a guy to lead and make the most MJ without a doubt. Taking nothing away from Kobe or LeBron as they are very worthy of being mentioned...
  7. shawnkemp40

    Is Simmons too hyped?

    I think we as spectators are quick to judge and create over hyping ourselves. Some do it to pump up cards some just like to create debate or ruffle feathers. Whatever the reasons they are opinions we are all entitled to. Personally, I'd like to see Simmons do well. He has serious potential and I...
  8. shawnkemp40

    How do you store your ultra pro one touch

    Hahaha life was so much simpler in the old days. 3 ring binder and sleeves for the ok cards. 4 or 9 page Ultra Pro books or snap tights for the better cards and a screwdown for the raddest of the rad. Yeah I was a 90's collector...hahahha Funnily top loaders were not much of a thing. How times...
  9. shawnkemp40

    How do you store your ultra pro one touch

    Yeah they do get pretty heavy I have 4 full but I don't move them around much so it's not been an issue for me. Wouldn't mind seeing one of those ALDI boxes though please @ReggieEvansPC
  10. shawnkemp40

    Advice on numbering of cards

    Yeah if it doesn't say 1 of 1, it's not a 1 of 1. Congrats on those two pictured 1 of 1's though. I don't get those black box 1/1's but hey for all intensive purposes it's a 1/1. Through my hoarding I have made a few cards the only one that may come available to the market but only I know that...
  11. shawnkemp40

    Workout Gold by Dame

    If anyone has a Hoola hoop in their defence he's buggered haha
  12. shawnkemp40

    Best/favourite base card design. What’s your call?

    Yup these are awesome. I also like the skybox Emotion and the EX range too. Showing my age hahaha. More than design...I appreciated the action shots from this era. I liked Noir 1st series as far as new base cards go. Simple but elegant Don't like the white borders since
  13. shawnkemp40

    Why do you collect the player you collect?

    I collected in the early to mid 90's.. Zo, Ewing and Kemp. I dabbled and always flipped Jordans to get cards of the 3 guys I collected. Had fun with it til about 1996 and then completely stopped collecting. Wind forward to 2013...the NBL ...the Perth Wildcats... We picked up a guy called James...
  14. shawnkemp40

    Grant Hill Lot - how high will it go?

    The funniest is the seller seems scared it's going so high. His updates are great. His friend must have had deep pockets. Some top notch pieces there
  15. shawnkemp40

    2018-19 NBA Season - SPOILERS

    My PC guy has signed for the Rockets.. interested to see how he fares there.
  16. shawnkemp40

    Soooo... How about that Australia/Philippines game???

    Thon Maker went UFC..that dude who rabbit punched him must have touched cloth when Thon went back at him. Farcical but the only part that was completely out of control was that dude getting mobbed on the ground. Everything else was 50/50 blame wise IMO
  17. shawnkemp40

    Might experience a winless situation here...ebay/USPS / mymallbox

    Ok so mmb never bothered sending me a pic so i received my latest mailday today and thankfully the Jordans were there. No clue what happened in between but I have them now. Will pop them in the fs section sometime as I sold my Jordan PC. Thanks for the messages guys
  18. shawnkemp40

    Might experience a winless situation here...ebay/USPS / mymallbox

    So today...this happens And for those who wish to play at home.. Throw this into USPS tracking: 420197209505512955338043184664 What the actual fk has happened here?? I have requested a pic of the contents expecting the worst. Will update with more. Keep in mind nearly 2 months after...
  19. shawnkemp40

    Might experience a winless situation here...ebay/USPS / mymallbox

    Wow that sucks Coopz, yeah that's a sick card and a lot of money to lose. Fortunately mine were nothing like that. It was supposed to be a clutch of 10 Jordan cards: slick silver, emotion ntense etc. I have a slick silver already but this one looked really clear. Anyway yes I am proof that...
  20. shawnkemp40

    Might experience a winless situation here...ebay/USPS / mymallbox

    I need to just let it go amd move on now as it's frustrated the hell out of me for 2 weeks.
  21. shawnkemp40

    Might experience a winless situation here...ebay/USPS / mymallbox

    Both bro. Game over, I have done everything I can and neither ebay nor paypal give 2 fks
  22. shawnkemp40

    Might experience a winless situation here...ebay/USPS / mymallbox

    I filled out the IC3 added all the numbers they wanted, attached it all in the link they sent me on Friday night my time just now I get an email stating they closed the case and they didn't receive my documents. Their incompetence is inexplicable. Livid is an understatement. I'm done.
  23. shawnkemp40

    Might experience a winless situation here...ebay/USPS / mymallbox

    Yeah I actually went through ebay. Useless!! All may not be lost I have to fill out some IC3 FBI form to get my money back through some money back guarantee as a once off. Dunno how or if that's gonna work but that's what ebay say I have to do.
  24. shawnkemp40

    Might experience a winless situation here...ebay/USPS / mymallbox

    Case closed in sellers favour.... unfknbelievable No cards Out $150 US for a slice of fresh air and windy pie. Why? Because ebay don't care he said he posted the cards (that still didn't come) a week after they were supposedly already delivered but because USPS shows delivered 14th Feb. When I...
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