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  1. Duane2686

    Thurston coke card

    havent had much luck with getting one at the game so thought I would put it on here am after the Thurston Coca Cola card that is given out at the games with a bottle of coke inbox me if you have one you want to sell Cheers for any help
  2. Duane2686

    For Sale/For Trade 2015 elite inserts for trade

    hi guys i have a couple of inserts i would like to swap for the cowboys equivalent 2015 pennants have ep6 jarrdod croker ep52 brent kite ep64 jason nightingale ep71 shaun johnson want ep41 scott bolton ep42 gavin cooper ep44 james tame ep45 thurston yg not signed have yg27 kane evans yg25...
  3. Duane2686

    Completed duane2686 and batboy

    Duane2686 gets paypal $$$ And batboy gets 2012 dynasty Aaron woods top prospect signature Duane2686 agrees
  4. Duane2686

    Woolworth's domino stars

    hi everyone I'm chasing after these numbers to complete the sets for my daughters any help greatly appreciated need 7 also have these to trade 1 buzz x2 4 alien x1 11 dory x3 15 randell x1 21 dash x3 23 flik x5 25 princess atta x2 26 princess dot x1 33 eve x4 38 mater x3 40 sally x1 42...
  5. Duane2686

    Completed duane2686&saints4me

    Duane2686 gets 2014 traders - silver foil - 24, 30, 56, 68, 69, 84, 92, 113, 129, 139, 143, 146, 154, 157, 166 Milestone 3 2013 traders parallel PS 37 (Bowen) Saints4me gets 2012 Dynasty foils - 28, 45, 92, 115, 116, 141, 145, 147, 151, 152, 155, 157, 159, 164, 165, 169, 171, 176, 183, 187, 195...
  6. Duane2686

    cowboys community day 2015

    Got these done today at the cowboy community fun day was a good day out and was good to see Tate was there
  7. Duane2686

    SOLD/TRADED delete please

    Please delete
  8. Duane2686

    Completed duane2686 and dane clarke

    Duane2686 gets 2x elite master and apprentice and dane gets 1x world cup hero brent tate Duane2686 agrees
  9. Duane2686

    Please delete

    Please delete
  10. Duane2686

    Completed veebs27 and duane2686

    Veebs27 gets Showtime Storm 2012 Champions Gold cards - 86 , 146 2014 Black Traders Foils 59,61,63,137,155,170 Duane2686 gets 10x 2013 elite ips Duane2686 agrees
  11. Duane2686

    Completed duane2686&bigrob2307

    Duane2686 gets paypal $$ Bigrob2307 gets anthony minichiello league sensation #9 Duane2686 agrees
  12. Duane2686

    Completed duane2686&clovi123

    Clovi123 gets $$ Duane2686 gets Johnathan thurston pride & passion Duane2686 agrees
  13. Duane2686

    4 pack mojo

    Went and bought 4 packs on bottom of fresh box and scored these
  14. Duane2686

    Completed duane2686&ghosty

    Duane2686 gets paypal $$$ Ghosty gets daniel tupou young gun Duane2686 agrees
  15. Duane2686

    SOLD/TRADED 2014 elite young gun

    Wanna trade Sosaia feki young gun for a kyle felt young gun cheers
  16. Duane2686

    rabbitohs ips

    Got these tonight after the souths and cowboys game with @ghosty
  17. Duane2686

    Newcastle card shops

    Hi guys im traveling down south next week and just wondering if there is any card shops in the newcastle/hunter area cheers
  18. Duane2686

    Completed duane2686 and bob

    Duane2686 gets cards as discussed via pm Bob gets cards as discussed via pm Duane2686 agrees
  19. Duane2686

    storm ips

    Got these tonight at townsville airport with @ghosty missed out on cam smith as he flew in earlier then the team hopefully will catch him tomorrow at training
  20. Duane2686

    Completed duane2686&starter

    Duane gets cards as discussed via pm and starter gets cards as discussed via pm Duane2686 agrees
  21. Duane2686

    Completed duane2686 & Angelo Vasllopoulos

    Duane gets cards as via pm and angelo gets cards as via pm Duane2686 agrees
  22. Duane2686

    eels ips

    Got these today at Townsville airport with @ghosty
  23. Duane2686

    Cancelled duane2686&ghosty

    Duane gets cards as discussed via pm and dean gets cards as discussed via pm Duane2686 agrees
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