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  1. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & Oliver

    Brian gets PayPal @Oliver_bbl gets: 2016-17 Panini Preferred VS One On One Booklet VS-JBBI Jaylen Brown/Brandon Ingram /99 Please agree.
  2. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & MasterBlaster

    Brian gets PayPal Michael gets: 2005-06 SP Game Used 113 Nate Robinson RC /999 2010-11 Donruss Sapphire 19 Wilson Chandler /49 1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics 15 Andrew DeClercq 1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics 35 Vincent Askew 1996-97 Skybox Premium Autographics 39 Andrew Lang 1996-97...
  3. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & Pete23nba

    Brian gets: Jeremy Lin Stained Glass Gold and Light Blue Pete gets: $6 Do you agree?
  4. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & lukesicari

    Brian gets: $72 PayPal (friends & family) Luke gets: 174 Cleveland Cavaliars base cards 1993-94 Topps 148 Chris Mills RC 1997-98 Bowman's Best 124 Brevin Knight RC 1997-98 Fleer Million Dollar Moments 41 Terrell Brandon 1997-98 SP Authentic 173 Brevin Knight RC 1997-98 Ultra Quick Picks 6...
  5. Brian Lee

    Looking for Autographs of Some Very Tall Players

    I am looking for autograph cards (without jersey/patch) of the following players: Tom Burleson Gheorghe Muresan Luc Longley Rik Smits Dikembe Mutombo Keith Closs Aleksandar Radojevic Iakovos Tsakalidis Cezary Trybanski Kareem Adbul-Jabbar Peter John Ramos Martynas...
  6. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & GoMoto

    Brian gets: Yuta silver prizm RC Ming purple disco prizm/75 Lin silver disco prizm and maybe a Yuta base prizm RC @GoMoto gets: PayPal Do you agree?
  7. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & Sebultura

    Brian gets: Shaq Established Threads Sebultura gets: PayPal Do you agree?
  8. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian and Paul Ambrey

    Brian gets: Yuta Watanabe Prizm Parallel Paul Ambrey gets: PayPal Do you agree?
  9. Brian Lee

    LF All Cards of Shaq, Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin, Zhou Qi, Yuta Watanabe and more...

    Looking for cards of the following players: Shaquille O'Neal Yao Ming Jeremy Lin Zhou Qi Yuta Watanabe Yuta Tabuse Wang Zhizhi Yi Jianlian Sun Yue Mengke Bateer Ha Seung Jin Please list or show me pictures of what you have got.
  10. Brian Lee

    Ultra Pro Card Sleeves Question

    I am looking for some card sleeves that will fit in 9 pocket sleeves. I bought some that fit in toploaders but are just a little too big for the album pages. Ultra Pro used to have them in the platinum series but they changed their product line a little so it is no longer clear to me which one...
  11. Brian Lee

    In Progress Brian & JHardensBeard

    Brian gets $13 @JHardensBeard gets: 2012-13 Panini Innovation Jerseys 9 James Harden 2013-14 Panini Intrigue Terrific Trios 7 James Harden/Jeremy Lin/Chandler Parsons /199 Do you agree?
  12. Brian Lee

    Import Declaration Tariff Classification

    Hi all, I have a package from COMC and it proved to be too big (declared value of around $1500 USD), so customs are holding onto it until I can fill in some form, but I am not sure what tariff classification code to use. Anyone had similar experience? maybe suggest a way for me to get out of...
  13. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & anakinleo

    Brian gets $50 Anakinleo gets the following: 2003-04 Finest Press Plate Cyan 57 Brad Miller /1 $5 2003-04 Finest Press Plate Magenta 132 Chris Kaman /1 $5 2004-05 Finest Printing Plate Cyan 155 Antonio Burks /1 $3 2004-05 Finest Printing Plate Yellow 7 Marc Jackson /1 $3 2012-13 Panini...
  14. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & nissangtr35

    Brian gets: Zhou Qi Donruss /199 nissangtr35 gets: $5 Do you agree?
  15. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & hackadeandre

    Brian gets: Jeremy Lin Grant Reserve Cornerstone /49 Shaq Select Refractor Shaq Dominant Performances hackadeandre gets: $55 worth of base/inserts/parallel of mainstream/oddball cards of players from his really really long list of NBA stars at 20 cents per card, so that's at least 275 cards...
  16. Brian Lee

    In Progress Brian & TheBirdman

    Brian gets: 2012-13 Panini Prizm #201 Kyrie Irving RC x 2 2012-13 Panini Prizm #203 Klay Thompson RC 2014-15 Panini Excalibur Silver #79 Jeremy Lin Birdman gets: 2013-14 Select Franchise Signature Gold Prizm 21 Tony Parker /10 Do you agree?
  17. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & malonb

    Brian gets: $35 malonb gets: 1991-92 Upper Deck 3 Dikembe Mutombo RC $0.5 1995-96 Skybox 239 Arvydas Sabonis RC $0.5 1996-97 Metal 181 Kobe Bryant RC $3 1996-97 SP 134 Kobe Bryant RC $8 1996-97 Upper Deck 58 Kobe Bryant RC $6 2003-04 Topps Chrome 142 Luke Walton RC $1 2009-10 Prestige 153...
  18. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & Jessica

    Brian gets: $25 Jessica gets: 100 toploaders of various thicknesses Do you agree?
  19. Brian Lee

    For Sale Old Top Loaders for Sending Cards/New Tall Boy & Booklet Sleeves

    For sale here is a bulk lot of old top loaders that are perfect for sending cards in trades/sales. I am selling them at $0.10 each, postage will be via Express Post satchel for $10 (up to 500g), $15 (up to 3kg). I also have brand new tall boy (6 inch long card) sleeves for $0.10 each, and...
  20. Brian Lee

    eBay is stupid

    I have a bit of a situation on eBay at the moment with my account restricted to only be able to be the highest bidder in one auction. This is because they concluded that I am a scum who committed to buy 3 items and did not pay for them. My story began with me adding 3 BIN items to my cart. The...
  21. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & poita

    Brian gets: 18 Loki poita gets: 42 Hulk Do you agree?
  22. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & tb1954

    Brian gets: Paypal @tb1954 gets: Marvel Disc #36 Do you agree?
  23. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & Wookiedragon

    Brian gets: Marvel Disc #42 @Wookiedragon gets: Marvel Disc #36 Do you agree?
  24. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & crackberry

    Brian gets: Paypal @crackberry gets: Woolies Marvel Discc #6 Do you agree?
  25. Brian Lee

    Woolworths Marvel Discs

    I need the following: 18, 42 I have the following for trade: Red: 5, 6 Yellow: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Grey: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Blue: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Purple: 25, 27, 29 Light Blue: 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 Green: 37, 38, 39 Let me know if you can help. Thanks.
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