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  1. shawnkemp40

    In Progress Shawnkemp40 & will_1079

    @will_1079 gets Thon Maker lot I get $300. Agreed mate?
  2. shawnkemp40

    SOLD/TRADED Maker mini PC for sale nice stuff FINAL CALL $300 DLVD

    Hi all Accumulated a stack of Thons during his first 2 years. Haven't added to it in ages so decided to move it on. 35 predominantly auto/graded/low numbered cards plus the UD BLACK Hall of fame cards of Baylor and Greer. Asking $350 AUD dlvd firm in Oz for all 37 cards pictured. Under $10 per...
  3. shawnkemp40

    First Ennis Mailday for 2019...Unique print run completed

    Greetings all Been a slow few months, just picking up low numbered stuff. Managed to get 3 cards that I needed : Yellow Plate Donruss Signature Series auto /10 Hoops Rookie remembrance prime /25 and the rest are dupes. Splashes of green, splashes of gold and...after 4 years I finally completed...
  4. shawnkemp40

    My first major issue using MMB

    Bought a Thon Maker UD 5x7 #'d 108/199 Was supposedly delivered to @MMB on Xmas Eve, still hadn't been processed which I only checked a few weeks back. Emailed Ben at MMB and long story short "they didn't receive it" now the exact 108/199 card/5x7 is for sale on eBay by steel City Collectibles...
  5. shawnkemp40

    For Sale Nike Westbrook Swingman Jersey XL

    Genuine Nike Swingman XL 52 OKC Westbrook jersey brand new with all tags. $60 dlvd within Oz
  6. shawnkemp40

    Probably the last mail day for 2018..

    Part 1. The Thon Maker caper Highlights: the 2 horizontal Gold Standard RPA's are jersey numbered, Prestige Bonus Shots RC /5, Prestige Passport /10, Revolution Galactic /25. Plus the gradeds are pretty sweet.
  7. shawnkemp40

    A handful of Ennis cards

    Not many Ennis cards coming through at the moment so I am mainly picking up some low numbered duplicates. Did manage to get 2 cards that weren't duplicates. First the dupes: 1. Preferred Crown Royale Green auto #2/5... BGS guy must have been angry that day. 1 corner with a little white got 7.5...
  8. shawnkemp40

    50+ card Ennis Duplicates mailday

    Hey gang Just a quick one here... Picked up a mini PC from a nice dude here in Oz. Nothing I don't already have but there's some nice /5 /10 etc pieces. Really stoked to have them. Luke - if you lurk this forum, thanks again mate.
  9. shawnkemp40

    Andy Cole autos wanted

    Hi all Chasing any Autos of Andy Cole in Man Utd or England uni only. If you can give a pic and price would be appreciated. Cheers I don't need the un-numbered Nobility auto The /99 nobility Iconic auto, immaculate Historical Significance auto/75 or the NT dual auto with Cole & Shearer
  10. shawnkemp40

    Ennis memoraday

    So he has signed for Houston and that coincides with me finally grabbing something that's been on my radar for a while.... A nice signed and framed Wildcats jersey!! Have been watching this for about 6months and finally it came down in price and I made an offer which was surprisingly accepted...
  11. shawnkemp40

    James Ennis low #'d

    Hey everyone If there's any low #'d cards of James Ennis out there give me shout please. Mainly looking for things #'d under /20 As well as anything Flawless, Immaculate and Noir (not base) Thanks
  12. shawnkemp40

    Completed Okramrajnoc & shawkemp40

    Okramrajnoc gets 90's file 'o goodness I get $68.35 paypal. Agreed mate?
  13. shawnkemp40

    SOLD/TRADED The most random file of cards you will ever

    Ok so I have these cards left and they need to go. There's a lot of mid 90's - a mix of ok and utter sh!t but you may need to complete a set ot something A few footy cards - Buckley is worth about $30 A couple of NFL cards inc Aikmam auto and Jerry Rice Elec Gold Looking for $68.35c dlvd in oz...
  14. shawnkemp40

    Completed Shawnkemp40 & JDan

    @JDan gets 10 card Jordan lot dlvd via registered post, I get $250 paypal agreed mate?
  15. shawnkemp40

    SOLD/TRADED 10 card Jordan lot

    I have this 10 card Jordan lot SOLD Dlvd registered within Oz. Consists of: Stadium Club High Risers HR14 Emotion NTENSE 3 of 10 Metal Slick Silver 3 of 10 nice and clear Stadium Club Class Acts Refractor w/Stackhouse CA1 UD Hardcourt Jordan Holding Court w/Big Dog 186/230 Championship ShotsDie...
  16. shawnkemp40

    A little Ennis mail

    Hi all Been a while since I posted a mailday so a few came in today. Select Green 5/5 Select FOTL Orange 1/9 Select Tie Die 5/25 Select White 53/149 Select Zebra SSP 2013 Panini First Day Auto #JE - I know nothing...NOTHING about how these were released. So a few popped up and I grabbed one...
  17. shawnkemp40

    James Ennis 17/18 optic and select

    I have the case hit zebra, green /5 , FOTL orange /9 and tie dye /25 from select and nothing from optic. Let me know if you have anything for me please. Cheers
  18. shawnkemp40

    Please Delete

  19. shawnkemp40

    SOLD/TRADED Kobe RC, insert and refractor lot

    $100 firm dlvd in oz UD3 RC BGS 9.5 2 X Soul of the game 2 x Finest RC Stadium RC Quantum Leaps Star Power Plus Total Impact 5 x Chrome 2nd Year 2 x Finest red refractors Mad Game refractor Gallery of heroes
  20. shawnkemp40

    SOLD/TRADED Michael Jordan 300+ card PC $600 dlvd

    Letting go of the rest of my Jordans to cover the cost of repairing my car door. Some very nice cards in here and easily some flip potential if that's your thing. Price is firm and includes Aus delivery. Not separating Do not claim until the day you can pay. To note: the Slick silver is...
  21. shawnkemp40

    Might experience a winless situation here...ebay/USPS / mymallbox

    I bought a small 10 card Jordan lot on the bay USPS show it as delivered 14th Feb. I had another parcel delivered that day as well as 1 since all processed into my @MyMallBox suite but not the Jordan lot. I emailed mmb and they advised that they have not received the parcel with the tracking #...
  22. shawnkemp40

    Completed Sgt_pepper &shawnkemp40

    @sgt_pepper gets agreed paypal I get Jordan Power in the key. Agreed mate?
  23. shawnkemp40

    For Sale/For Trade Big mid 90's insert lot

    The last of my non Ennis cards. The 2 random NFL cards are a Troy Aikman on card auto and a Jerry Rice Electric Court gold. $100 dlvd within oz.
  24. shawnkemp40

    Very big, very random mailday

    So this by volume is probably my biggest mailday. The box is 1ft x 1.5ft Just on 8kg. I have bought a few small collections so this is like opening a case for me as I only know about 30% of the contents!! Funnily there's not 1 Ennis card in this mailday. A lot of MJ's and a lot of random...
  25. shawnkemp40

    Completed NicExtra and Shawnkenp40

    shawnkemp40 gets Marcus Rashford ManUtd signed club card @NicExtra gets $$ Agreed mate?
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