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    In Progress Squiddy and Southnet

    @squiddy gets 4 x 12/13 Beal RCs Southnet gets Friends PayPal amount. Agreed?
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    For Sale 50c per card. 2012 to 2016 - RCs, All Stars, #d

    All cards 50c each. Postage $3.50 for 10 cards, more than that will quote cost. 11/12 Hoops Isaiah Thomas Rookie Impact Kings 12/13 Hoops Bradley Beal Draft Night RC SOLD Hoops Andre Drummond Draft Night RC Past & Present Isaiah Thomas RC Past & Present Bradley Beal Rise & Shine RC SOLD Past...
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    Nearly got value out of a Box!

    Previously you haven’t had anything I collect. Curry, Klay Thompson, Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray, Trae Young, Kawhi. Would look at Jaren Jackson or Michael Porter Jr also.
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    In Progress Charles Way and Southnet

    @Charles Way gets Anthony Davis RC Signatures Die Cut Auto /49 Southnet gets agreed PayPal Friends payment Agreed?
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    For Sale Kawhi Auto, 18/19 Select silvers

    SOLD Redemption from Select 18/19, Auto Jersey Purple /99. $125 for code (must have >10 feedback), $130 Redemption Delivered Registered. Michael Porter Jr Select Phenomenon Silver /99 $42 D Ayton Select Silver RC - $9 Robert Williams Select Silver RC - $6
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    Nearly got value out of a Box!

    For the first time in a while I got close to full value out of a box. 18/19 Select main cards below. Redemption to start, expecting a 2nd Round Rookie, nice surprise. Purple is /99. Standard boring, unnumbered jersey card Standard retired player auto who 2 people worldwide PC, but at...
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    Value of Panini points?

    4c a point I think is the going rate for people to buy them off you.
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    WANTED: Kawhi Leonard Base + Insert lots!

    Let me know if interested in any of these please
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    Anthony Davis Prizm cards

    18/19 Pink /50, Pm if interested please
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    For Sale/For Trade A Davis PC cull Downtown Kaboom RCs Patch/5

    Looking to move some nice AD cards as just keeping a couple of high end in my PC. Postage $3.50 normal or $7 registered in Oz. Will post elsewhere. 15/16 Kaboom Case Hit $55 including One Touch PENDING 17/18 Cornerstones Downtown Case Hit $75 PENDING 13/14 Select Swatches Green Patch 4/5...
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    Jaylen Brown

    PM if interested in any of these please. Last 2 are 17/18 inserts/parallels.
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    Post your eBay or COMC bargains here!

    Got this for $18 AUD plus post, nice for an On Card Auto (even if it is not exactly centred!) for a potential Star Rookie.
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    For Sale/For Trade Nate Thurmond Gold Auto /10

    Cracking looking card of a HOF player Nate Thurmond Warriors Optic Gold Auto /10 $15 delivered in Oz Posted elsewhere.
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    Completed Oubrecards and Southnet

    @OubreCards gets Oubre Auto Lavine Auto Lavine Paramount RC Lavine Optic insert Southnet gets agreed PayPal friends payment Agreed?
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    Completed Fling and Southnet

    @Fling gets Fiannis Select Red Hot RC Southnet gets agreed PayPal friends amount Agreed?
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    LF Rookie Cards 2018-19

    Have these, PM if interested in any. Pricing $1 unless stated otherwise Carter Phenoms Silver $2, Prizm RC $2 Optic Blue Holo /95 - $9 Okogie Prizm RC$2 Porter Prizm RC $4 Trae Prizm RC $8, Optic Rated Rookie $2 JJJ Prizm RC $4
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    SOLD/TRADED ....

    Add postage $3.50. Posted elsewhere. Select Red Hot RC $45 PENDING Panini and Pinnacle RCs $12 each. Panini SOLD
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    Wanted Player Cards - Kelly Oubre Jr

    Oubre Prestige Cracked Ice variant, PM if interested
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