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    Rookie Autos

    Hi Everyone, Is there a consolidated list as to what card brands each rookie has signed with? I know panini missed a lot of the big names but not 100% on who signed where? Cheers
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    SOLD/TRADED Josh Giddey Prizm Blue Pulsar (Raw) 95/99

    Josh Giddey Blue Pulsar Prizm 95/99 - condition new. $35 including standard post.
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    SOLD/TRADED Josh Giddey Hoops ink and Blue Prizm 95/99

    Josh Giddey Hoops Ink card Josh Giddey Prizm Blue Pulsar 95/99 $40 including standard post with tracking.
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    Wembanyama 6 Pack

    6 x Wemby cards all in perfect condition (raw) $150 including tracked postage 1 * Donruss Rated Rookie #220 1* Hoops base card #277 . 1* Hoops Tribute Base #298 1* Hoops Now Playing Card #26 . 1* Hoops Ignition #20 1* Donruss Franchise Features #29 .
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    Panini National Treasures Collection

    Appreciate the reply. First time collecting again in 20 years and definitely more from a hobby perspective, but was curious if National Treasure cards were good from an investment perspective as well, given their cost. Cheers
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    Panini National Treasures Collection

    Hi All, With the National Treasures collection costing in the region of $5k. Is there a guarantee that it’s contents inside, would exceed this value? Looking to understand a bit more about this. Cheers
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