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  1. The Mad Hatter

    2024 Player In Focus

    SOO III cards up today
  2. The Mad Hatter

    For Sale/For Trade 2024 NRL Best & Less, Traders/Titanium, Rivalry

    I was asking about a couple of cards but I found them elsewhere, so deleted the text (I couldn’t delete the post). Apologies for any inconvenience.
  3. The Mad Hatter

    HUGE SET COMING! November 30th Update

    Website says $295 Is there a member price for $225? Edit / just read in to select membership etc. all good. I’m not even an AFL person but these look good. Def would look for an Akkermanis.
  4. The Mad Hatter

    2024 Elite NRL Official Thread

    The Elite pkt in red white and blue?
  5. The Mad Hatter


    Raper Coote Price Pearce Clyde … all great locks too. One beget the next.
  6. The Mad Hatter


    They made a rod for their own back with this Immortal malarkey. Should’ve just had a Hall of Fame. The Immortals concept was RLW magazine selling port. With a heap of BS conditions now carried over. Johns is no greater than Thurston, Billy Smith, Sterlo, Langer, Mortimer, Kimmorley like Mal is...
  7. The Mad Hatter

    2024 Elite NRL Official Thread

    Hoping Tallis Duncan YG at Souths
  8. The Mad Hatter

    Various needed

    Yes. Just been biding time.
  9. The Mad Hatter


    Hi Warren, If the Beau Champion is still available , I’ll take it please. Cheers, Chris
  10. The Mad Hatter

    first Shane warne card

    People paying $100+ for a Tendulkar or Warne (neglecting Lara 🤣🤣🤣) 1996 World Cup common, yet you can buy full 100 card common sets for $50.
  11. The Mad Hatter

    Matthew Hayden Highest Individual Test Score ESP #AC1 Cricket Card 2003 Mint

    If you’re talking about this card (sample is IP signed), it was the 2003/04 binder card. I have 5-6 of them. Plenty of binders back in the day but couldn’t tell you an exact number. At the time of release, Hayden had only very recently got the 380 vs Zimbabwe in what was considered a self...
  12. The Mad Hatter

    first Shane warne card

    I reckon this is Warne’s real rookie card. First base card in a widely circulated set. Just my two cents worth.
  13. The Mad Hatter

    NRL Micro Figures 2024

    Were $3. Now 4 for $10
  14. The Mad Hatter

    Footy Cards

    Last ones came out in 2013 in the bread. They were awesome too.
  15. The Mad Hatter

    Official NRL Traders 2024 Thread.

    With the 8 commons per team recycled on parallels, you’re probably lucky the card wasn’t just left blank.
  16. The Mad Hatter

    Official NRL Traders 2024 Thread.
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