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    Futera - Impossible Numbered Cards (Price estimate wanted)

    Hay Luke Did you check out the numbers on the cards in the photos put up in that post ? I’d be thinking these cards being numbered over 1000 would be worth more than you standard issue cards ?
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    Futera multi sport release

    Yer it would be fantastic having that prestigious market off cricket cards available such as national treasures of legends not just for the fans but also for the player’s recognition off there careers etc.But I do understand most India legends such as Tendulkar and co are very hesitant about...
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    Futera multi sport release

    Yer couldn’t agree more Matt loved the article you wrote on this and very much on the same opinion as you. I probably didn’t word it correctly as your rite the icc are the acting governing body but with very little power in this role I’d love to see it changed much like fifa nrl ufc etc it’s us...
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    Futera multi sport release

    Hmmm yer a little sceptical myself on weather cricket cards will be issued in all honesty and if they are I could almost guarantee that any player who was involved would be a former player who isn’t under contract. Much like the latest release off Topps cricket cards former players not under...
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    Share your game worn (and noteable signed) gear!

    I’m not a warriors fan but this came out of a pub that was closing down over 10 years ago 1997 super league team signed
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    Personal Shane Warne collection

    Couldn’t help on how they came about but with Futera anything was possible 😉 my guess would just be error sample cards
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    Personal Shane Warne collection

    I also have one but diff player diff series
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    SOLD/TRADED Please Delete

    1996 Futera elite series p.c collection numbers & samples
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    SOLD/TRADED Please Delete

    Haha sounds like you owe that bloke a beer that turned you down at 400 🍻 cheers to that
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    SOLD/TRADED Please Delete

    I'd be thinking between AU$100 to AU$150 for sample version ✌
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    Shane Warne Hattrick Card Signed

    Quite a few people chasing this card atm I believe the last one that come up for auction sold for $2700
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    New futera book ?

    Yes I must admit the 4up cards are a nightmare I'm not sure anyone will be able to make sense of the 4ups I personally haven't bothered with the 4ups for this reason as in the too hard basket but collect both sample and numberd cards that's not to say that set of 4ups wouldnt be a fantastic...
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    New futera book ?

    I do have a set of first day issue actate cards have only recently bought this set in the past week. I believe Steve from card zone still has one set left if you were looking. I know a lot of the first day actate cards were scrapped due to the nature of the scratching to fronts of cards so a lot...
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    New futera book ?

    Haha thanks Stephen for clearing that up it just goes to show you don't always believe what you hear on the internet 😉 Haha. Thanks very much for clearing that up and putting modesty aside if you ever did have time in the future I'm sure all collectors would love to see your version on this...
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    New futera book ?

    Yes I may have to do some digging on this. Thought I would ask around first on here to see if anyone else had caught word on it. But yes I'd also be very interested in this book. To be honest I think there's alot of futera collectors that would love to see it happen. And totally agree with you...
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    New futera book ?

    So I heard a rumour that Stephen Fleming might be re writing the futera cricket book to fix up all the missing pieces has anyone heard any rumors surrounding this ?
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    Big mail day

    93/94 master set minus the ab sig 94/95 master sample set Donald Bradman signed 93/94 #31 cert card 96 master elite set sample set Caught Lillie bowled marsh + impact card Run machine actates 1st day issue Run machine 1st day issue Player series stamped cards 1st day issue frontliners 2xgreg...
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