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    Wanted - 2022 Select Geelong

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    Wanted - 2022 Select Geelong

    Thanks Cruiser77!!
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    Wanted - 2022 Select Geelong

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    Please Delete Thread

    Price reduced.
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    SOLD/TRADED 2023 aflw, 2022 footy stars

    Can I buy 2022 Select Footy Stars Joel Selwood Midnight Numbers 70/130 $7 if still available?
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    Wanted - 2022 Select Geelong

    Chasing the following 2022 Select Geelong cards. Please DM/PM me if you can help. Looking to buy but can trade same year all teams if you are needing something. Sunset Mitch Duncan Cam Guthrie 30th Anniversary Gold Seal Checklist / Header Amy McDonald Fractured Ice Blue Brad Close Zach Tuohy...
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    Please delete thread

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    For Sale Select Supremacy list of SINGLES

    I am interested in the NSM29 PAUL CHAPMAN if you still have it. Have sent a PM.
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    In Progress Theaz86 & Sleepy Hollow

    Sleepy Hollow gets 2011 Herald Sun signature card - Murphy. Theaz86 gets $$$$ Agreed?
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    Completed Sleepy Hollow & Chuck1212

    Sleepy Hollow gets 2023 Tom Stewart Gold craft card. Chuck1212 gets $$$$ Agreed?
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    Please Delete Thread

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    Hi. Want to buy Virtuosos Jumbo Redemption Duncan. Have sent PM.
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    Completed Lauchwil & Sleepy Hollow

    Lauchwil gets $$$$$ Sleepy Hollow gets Franchise Future Signature Ratugolea. Agreed?
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    Completed Sleepy Hollow & Pattonmeister

    pattonmeister gets $$$$$ Sleepy Hollow gets 2021 Duncan Gold Headliners Card. Agreed?
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    Hi and looking for a member

    Hi Wayne. Awesome. Will send personal message as all this is very public. regards, Andrew
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    Completed 2018 Teamcoach Cards

    #1JUDDYCOLLECTOR gets $$$ SLEEPY HOLLOW gets 2018 Teamcoach cards per emails. Agreed?
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    Hi. I need Hawks Bombers Lions Eagles Swans Tigers Dockers Power
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