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  1. TheCardExperience

    HUGE SET COMING! November 30th Update

    This is fantastic for collectors. Priced so well and the /150 gives the opportunity for multiple people to do a complete set chase 🙌🏽
  2. TheCardExperience

    The Display Vault Card Edition by Vaulted Vinyl - Not sponsored (just really cool)!!

    Just a heads up that @mattscardshop has his own version of this available in Australia for only $200 including shipping!! Matts one also features a combination lock too which is a nice bonus. For reference I paid $240 aud for the one I have and that didn't include shipping to Australia (I...
  3. TheCardExperience

    Cost of living and trading cards

    dcsports87 has had the goods lately, my last couple purchases have been via them. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of cards that "I must have" are appearing on eBay. I have to force myself not to search for a few days as my watch list is full already.
  4. TheCardExperience

    The Display Vault Card Edition by Vaulted Vinyl - Not sponsored (just really cool)!!

    Can't believe I shared this all over my socials and forgot to share it here for actual collectors!! The Display Vault Card Edition (featuring my small Giddey PC.) Here's an image from their site showing the inner case as mines also empty inside while I await my other shipments to arrive :)...
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  9. TheCardExperience

    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    I've just requested a shipment close to $500-600 aud in total value for the items, the shipping cost was $71 usd. I chose to send part of my inventory to see how it goes. Will be interesting as it's two larger items (card cases) and only 4 slabs. If all goes well I'll send the remaining items...
  10. TheCardExperience

    The Hobby Hangout Melbourne Discussion

    I went to this one. I got there about 30-40 mins early and there was a decent line up to get in. Glad I went early as it was easier to get to the back tables and have a good walk around before the rest of the crowd got in. I found a lot of tables were just too hard to get to as they were...
  11. TheCardExperience

    OCT Trade Night - 25th November

    Ah damn, I was attending and now because I have that night free I’ll have to attend a Christina Aguilera concert against my will 🤦🏽‍♂️ Thanks for trying to organise @TAB1980 i know how hard it can be to plan so appreciate the effort.
  12. TheCardExperience

    OCT Trade Night - EVENT CANCELLED.

    Just confirming event no longer running?
  13. TheCardExperience

    The Hobby Hangout Melbourne Discussion

    Not too far away now!! Anyone setting up as a dealer? Will try my best to come support and buy something for the PC. If anyone has the Pikachu Felt Hat Van Gogh card I'll be chasing one at the show ;)
  14. TheCardExperience

    Rookie Repack

    Just ordered one for a buddy of mine. Will post his hit once he gets his surprise and shares it with me. Hoping for a Zion too!
  15. TheCardExperience

    Rookie Repack

    Just checked out the repacks and I like it!! It's a bit different where I know I'm getting a graded rookie slabbed and the player is an all star (guaranteed). Would make a nice gift too.
  16. TheCardExperience

    OCT Trade Night - EVENT CANCELLED.

    I'll be there!! I managed to get this and the Hobby Hangout into my holiday plans :cool:
  17. TheCardExperience

    Show something off

    Not mine, yet.. interesting signature for Anthony Black :rofl:
  18. TheCardExperience

    Up and coming players in the nba, who have you got?

    For me it's Haliburton. His game is so damn nice! And I'm cheering for LaMelo and Chet. Both definitely not humble in the slightest, actually at all.. but I love that about them. I want people that talk the talk and then go out there and back it up. This next year it's Booker and Tatums...
  19. TheCardExperience

    Like others after many years not collecting...

    Welcome back in. Such a fun hobby with so many different ways to collect. If you haven't tried a break yet that could be an option too if you are after just a specific team.
  20. TheCardExperience

    OCT Trade Night - EVENT CANCELLED.

    I'm keen for new dates! Gives me more time to get my cards home from ShipMyCards :lol:
  21. TheCardExperience

    Retail Stores Worth It

    I'd recommend setting up at local card show first to test the market and see what works and what doesn't.
  22. TheCardExperience

    SOLD/TRADED Josh Gibcus Supremacy Rookie /75

    Happy to take a look at what’s on offer. Feel free to inbox me what’s available.
  23. TheCardExperience

    SOLD/TRADED Josh Gibcus Supremacy Rookie /75

    Josh Gibcus Supremacy Rookie #37/75 $200 ono Payment via PayPal or PayID
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