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    2024 Elite NRL Official Thread

    Bmoz with 2 comps, 1 origin (against the best origin squad ever), 1 World Cup, 1 4 nations and 5th highest try scorer in history is a fair resume. Arguably above Gallen who isn’t best mates with TLA. Most of the others already have legends sigs, masters seems to be a more recent retiree type...
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    2024 Elite NRL Official Thread

    What are the requirements for master series. Do you need to have won multiple premierships and origin series to be eligible? Hindy and Bmoz could be options
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    2024 Elite NRL Official Thread

    He might have been referring to the rivalry release. But there may be another high end release towards the year
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    Official NRL Traders 2024 Thread.

    Anything origin?
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    2023 NRL Elite Official Thread

    Need to buy more boxes hahah
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