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  1. graymice

    Topps NBL 23/24

    I'm making up for other people's bad luck for a change. Two boxes opened - 2 hits :) Alex Toohey Next Stars (meh, but it's a hard to hit card) Mitch Creek Auto (Creek's one of the players I collect, so super-excited at this one. Yes, they're on-card autos, not stickers)
  2. graymice

    Topps NBL 23/24

    Checklist for those interested: BASE CARDS 1 Alex Starling Adelaide 36ers 2 Trentyn Flowers Adelaide 36ers ROOKIE 3 Isaac Humphries Adelaide 36ers 4 Jacob Wiley Adelaide 36ers 5 Trey Kell III Adelaide 36ers 6 Kyrin Galloway Adelaide 36ers 7 Mitch McCarron Adelaide 36ers 8 Nick Marshall Adelaide...
  3. graymice

    2024 Select AFL Hilites & Rising Star Cards

    1008 to be exact. I got number 0004
  4. graymice

    Topps NBL 23/24

    Haven't noticed any posts yet about the 23/24 Topps NBL set. Details from Beckett as follows" 2023-24 Topps NBL Basketball Checklist Overview The 100-card base set is a modest one. But with only 10 teams to cover, there’s not a lot of room to get much bigger. Hobby packs have 10 different...
  5. graymice

    For Trade 2024 Footy Stars Luminous "base"

    Set has been completed. Thanks!
  6. graymice

    In Progress Graymice & Porps

    Correction to list: Graymice will be sending card 136 instead of 131 (accidental typo by Porps in original list)
  7. graymice

    For Trade 2024 Footy Stars Luminous "base"

    Trade agreement posted. Thanks. Will update the lists in the original post.
  8. graymice

    In Progress Graymice & Porps

    Porps to send to Graymice - 2024 Select Footy Stars Luminous base 4,22,35,45,55,64,79,86,92,101,106,124,133,142,155,158,161,175,176,177 Graymice to send to Porps - 2024 Select Footy Stars Luminous base 1,6,9,14,20,33,46,52,60,71,87,112,113,122,131,141,145,149,171,172
  9. graymice

    For Trade 2024 Footy Stars Luminous "base"

    Just after some of the basic Luminous cards from 2024 Footy Stars to complete my set: Luminous (L prefix) wants: Nil Coming via trade with Porps: 4,22,35,45,55,64,79,86,92,101,106,124,133,142,155,158,161,175,176,177 Luminous (L prefix) haves for trade: 1, 10, 11, 16, 17, 20, 23, 25, 28, 30...
  10. graymice

    Official TLA Traders Cricket 2020/21 Official Thread (updated 10/9)

    Nothing worse in the past than having your "hit" be a women's player that nobody has heard of.
  11. graymice

    2019/20 cricket cards

    The albums only hold "approx 25 cards" ... is that a typo???
  12. graymice

    2019-20 Sydney Blue Sox needed/for trade

    G'day. I ordered a bunch of the 2019-20 Sydney Blue Sox card packs. Terrible card distribution in the packs - duplicates of 2 cards accounted for 20% of the cards I got. I've ended up needing the following to complete my set. Spares I've got are also listed: Needed: 6 - Boss Moanaroa 16 - Mark...
  13. graymice

    2019/20 cricket cards

    Still not getting much better ...
  14. graymice

    2017-18 ABL Bendigo Bank cards - anyone have a checklist?

    G'day folks - just wondering - does anyone have a checklist of the cards that were made in the 2017-18 ABL cards that were sponsored by Bendigo Bank? TIA
  15. graymice

    TNP 2018/19 Sneak Peek

    Picked up 4 packs from the servo today. Just got around to opening them up ... and discovered the 4 packs matched 4 other packs I opened up recently CARD for CARD (well, except for 2 of the 4 inserts.) In other words 34 of 36 cards from the 4 packs were the exact same cards in the exact same...
  16. graymice

    TNP 2018/19 Sneak Peek

    [Sarcasm on] That awesome feeling you get when your "hit" is some no name WBBL player that nobody has ever heard of. [Sarcasm off]. Having started opening packs all I can say is too much WBBL content in this set that has very little collector interest or resale value.
  17. graymice

    Baseball 2018-19 Australian Baseball League cards just announced

    FYI, the Sydney Blue Sox Facebook page posted that there will be official ABL cards for the coming 2018-19 ABL season. No further details apart from that they'll be sold in packet format at Stadiums and online.
  18. graymice

    Completed Believe That! & Graymice

    All good!
  19. graymice

    2017-18 Tap'n'Play Ashes commons wanted

    I only grabbed a small number of packs of this set so just trying to finish off the commons that I need. 2017-18 Tap’N’Play Ashes cricket: Common wants: 1, 7, 27, 36, 44, 46, 47, 48, 51, 55, 62, 66, 71, 74, 83, 86, 90, 93, 98 Coming via trade: 3, 11, 18, 22, 33, 38, 61, 97 Commons for Trade...
  20. graymice

    2018 Select Footy Stars

    Does it look like the name error is on all of the Predictors? I know that my Tom Stewart BP references Steven Motlop, but I've only had one BP in hand so far ...
  21. graymice

    Completed Graymice & Rusty Nail

    Cards from the 2017-18 Ashes set by Tap'N'Play Graymice is sending Rusty Nail the following commons:20, 21, 23, 42, 78 & 100 Rusty Nail is sending Graymice the following commons: 3, 9, 11, 18, 22, 33, 38, 61 & 97
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