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    Wanting Bulldogs Gem base

    Hi, Looking for a Liam Jones and a Bailey Smith GEM base card. If you are looking to sell either or both, hit me up.
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    For Sale Collingwood Platinum premiership predictor #35 Daicos jumper number

    For Sale Collingwood Platinum Premiership Predictor numbered 35/60 Nick Daicos jumper number Looking for $750 obo
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    Looking for this card. If you have one, hit me up
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    Chasing some 2018 to 2021 Bulldogs inserts

    Can trade or buy these
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    SOLD/TRADED please delete

    Happy to listen to offers
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    Chasing some 2018 to 2021 Bulldogs inserts

    chasing the following: 2019 holo: 218 Naughton 2020 firework: Caleb Daniel Lachie Hunter Jason Johannisen Hit me up if you’re looking to move one on.
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    SOLD/TRADED please delete

    Petracca Signatire redemption #08 $550 Shaw Footys Finest #27 $350 Happy to listen to offers. After Bulldogs optimum to trade.
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    SOLD/TRADED Sealed 2022 Brilliance Box

    Looking to sell a sealed Brilliance Box $500 posted
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    Looking for Dogs Brilliance - base cards

    Hi mate, Yeah I’m still after that one. Shoot me a pm with a photo and price. 👍
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    Looking for Dogs Brilliance - base cards

    Looking for Dogs Brilliance - platinum base cards: Aaron Naughton Brad Johnson Doug Hawkins Bailey Smith Hit me up if you're looking to move
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    SOLD/TRADED 2009 Retro Select Scanlens Set

    Cards were released by Select in 2009 as a retro set of Scanlens. The whole set is here: 33 cards consisting of 2 from each team (no GWS or GC) and 1 checklist card. Cards are all numbered 171 of 400. For sale $650
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    SOLD/TRADED Joel Selwood Brilliance Gold

    Will pass at this stage.
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    Looking for Garbage Gang - Australian Series 4 cards

    would love to complete this series
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    SOLD/TRADED Delete

    Sorry @ticketscards this gone
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    SOLD/TRADED Joel Selwood Brilliance Gold

    Hi all, Have the following Brilliance card for trade/sale for Bulldogs cards or Bulldogs cards and cash Will sell for $750 Selwood - #10
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    Wanted: Simon Beasley Goal Kicking Great non sig

    Anybody have this card?
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    For Sale/For Trade DELETE

    Thanks @porps, but I have Treloar
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