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  1. DadManTrading

    Official NRL Traders 2024 Thread.

    Do we know how many packets are in a box of the B&L Trading cards?
  2. DadManTrading

    Official NRL Traders 2024 Thread.

    It would be because they have changed it from 10 Cards per pack that we got in the 2023 Traders to 9-cards per packet this year. So would have to adjust numbers accordingly.
  3. DadManTrading

    Not quite Fantasy but some RL fun?

    Online Rugby League Hey OzCardTrader community, I know this section is for Fantasy sports where we can all join in, have fun and try and earn some bragging rights across these boards - the Online Rugby League is not a fantasy comp but it's a little pet project of mine and so thought I'd share...
  4. DadManTrading

    Show something off

    I'll admit it. Am not a big basketball fan (I struggle to find enough time to do my thing yet alone watch other people do theirs). But I first got back into Trading Cards because a mate of mine started a Box Breaking Group - I brought a couple spots over a few months to show my support for him...
  5. DadManTrading

    For Sale 2023 NRL ELITE CARDS

    Just bumping this as have new stuff on offer and better prices :)
  6. DadManTrading

    Dad Man Box Break - 3 x 2023 NRL Elite

    Thank you i love seeing the excitement on their faces. I have permanent nerve damage in my neck resulting in pins and needles in my arm and leg so can’t kick the ball around with them - helping them open the packs then seeing as they dig the cards out excited whether it’s a base or mojo or...
  7. DadManTrading

    Dad Man Box Break - 3 x 2023 NRL Elite

    Didn’t know whether to post a new thread or reply here… guess we all have what I decided, haha. So today @redtorana delivered. Got three boxes to round out our season with the boys. They have just truly enjoyed opening and seeing all the different cards. They just collect the base and we try to...
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  14. DadManTrading

    For Sale 2023 NRL ELITE CARDS

    League Sensations - Beau Fermor - GC Titans $70 Young Guns Priority - Jojo Fifita - GC Titans $90 Also removed James Fisher-Harris Auto as that sold elsewhere. (Little man, 8, is now saving up to one day buy a Priority Box)
  15. DadManTrading

    1 box elite 2023

    As previously stated nice pick up for the PC! Some nice cards there.
  16. DadManTrading

    Dad Man Box Break - 3 x 2023 NRL Elite

    Happy to chat but they do belong to little man who only just started collecting this year/getting into football so he's focused on their current cards. He's worked out that if he saves his pocket money and gets a box when they're released 99% of the time he ends up with the whole base set - so...
  17. DadManTrading

    Dad Man Box Break - 3 x 2023 NRL Elite

    Introduction Hey OzCard Trader Members - so I have been reading through some other Box Break threads across these forums and with the release of the 2023 NRL Elite I finally had the opportunity to do one myself so thought I'd do a quick run through of what we were able to get from 3 x 2023 NRL...
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  22. DadManTrading

    For Sale 2023 NRL ELITE CARDS

    Sorry 31/40 - I will update the post was doing this from memory and photos that were on my phone ;)
  23. DadManTrading

    For Sale 2023 NRL ELITE CARDS

    2023 NRL Elite All prices negotiable. Not really looking for trades as don't really have a P.C Ruby Mojos $25 MR023 Raymond Faitala-Mariner #37/44 MR029 - Blayke Brailey #39/44 MR042 Felise Kaufusi #42/44 MR045 - Hamiso Ttabuai-Fidow SOLD MR065 Xavier Coates #26/44 MR152 - Joe Ofahengaue...
  24. DadManTrading

    Used to collect many years ago. New on Ozcardtrader 👌

    Welcome to the group. Good luck with your collecting :)
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