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  1. old-timers

    Post problem

    I posted a sale thread Yesterday and have noticed that it's not showing my post when clicking on AFL Selling , but opens when clicking my post, if you can understand what mean, why doesn't it show in AFL Selling, Trading & Auctions any ideas ??
  2. old-timers

    For Sale 2024 Footy Stars sale

    Normal mail cost $4 Registered mail $8 Absolute & Redemption will only be sent by Registered mail & extra insurance can be provided at cost, Payment by paypal as F & F, Direct Deposit or pick up if required. All cards will sent with top loader, cardboard both sides for protection, the...
  3. old-timers

    Footy Stars 2024

    Dangerfield Ignite card that has no number apart from IG26 is this a printing error or are there different versions of this card?
  4. old-timers

    Select Collector Club Membership

    just received my Draft Class card from select, must say it looks pretty good, would be good if they continued this style of card for their members. Thinking now I might have a go at collecting the set seeing its only 18 cards.
  5. old-timers

    Non-Sport Wanting To Buy Lists

    I have series 1 & 2 of Lady Death if interested please PM, Thanks
  6. old-timers

    Wanted - 2023 AFL Teamcoach and Footy Stars cards + AFLW

    I have Select Essential - 8,69 Commons/Base - 13,27,156,179,187,189,195,205,211, Colour - 70,73,102,110,140,148,162,184,198,216,228,233 PM if still needed , Thanks
  7. old-timers

    2021 Supremacy Hawthorn Peter Knights PGS45 02/40 Signature

    Peter Knights PGS45 Signature 02/40 in one touch top loader $625 NO POST COST item will be sent Registered mail with added insurance to value of item, payment can be by Paypal as F & F or Direct Deposit or if desired cash on Pick-Up, scans will be shown on posting, any interest please PM, Thanks
  8. old-timers

    Wanted - 1991 STIMOROL AFL CARDS #103 & 167

    I have cards #53 63 68 77 138 146 161 164, condition varies from n/m to good if interested please PM
  9. old-timers


    Would you happen to have Metalex Gold #36 Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon, #51 Maluka the Executioner, must be good plus condition have some silver, 1 gold to trade,
  10. old-timers

    For Sale/For Trade NEW CARDS ADDED: AFL Legacy 2023 Sale

    I have Jamarra Ugle-Hagan 10/60 interested in trade for Vortex Steele Sidebottom PLMK, Thanks
  11. old-timers

    2023 T/C women's

    Local shop had some today wasn't going to purchase any after my dismal lot from select but changed my mind and the result of 4 packs 14 Commons 4 silvers Georgia Patrikies Gold 2 x Icon Checklists Best & Fairest BF-17 West Coast Gold Best & Fairest BF-18 Bulldogs Silver Star Wild SW-02 Ally...
  12. old-timers

    Legacy Albums

    anyone received their legacy albums yet??
  13. old-timers

    Legacy sale

    Please PM if of any interest Post cost $4 standard or Registered $8 All Australian $20 ea. Tom Stewart 163/195 Clayton Oliver 044/195 Prime Draft Anderson 008/100 $65 Low Tom Hawkins 020/100 $75 DPS Copper Jack O'Sullivan 113/175 $60 Alwyn Davey 068/175 $75 Traded...
  14. old-timers

    For Sale 2023 Legacy

    incorrect forum
  15. old-timers

    2023 Legacy Box break

    almost the same apart from players although I did get some low numbers, Results of 2 Boxes and all for sale as I didn't get any Collingwood apart from a couple of LP's, this series has been a complete wash-out for me but made a common set, any interest please PM , pictures can and will be...
  16. old-timers

    Updated want list

    1996/96 Optus Vision Pro Squad - The 2 Header cards plus No23 Paul Williams seem to be the hardest to get, I have a complete set if interested, please Pm
  17. old-timers

    2023 Select New Release July 2023

    Please correct me if I am wrong but I noticed on the checklist that there are 2 sets of signatures of the 18 players 1 GDS the 2nd GDSR so going by that 1 signature would in the box the other you would have to send to select to redeem which would make 2 sets of signatures or is my age showing??
  18. old-timers

    2003 half of fame set

    PM sent
  19. old-timers

    2022 Optimum Box SOLD

    I have a 2022 Optimum box for sale $500 plus post or pick up if desired, PM if interested, Thanks
  20. old-timers

    In Progress old-timers & TomO

    Old-timers gets paypal $$ and TomO gets 9 x 1995 Spiderman Gold Signatures 2 Annex 31 Judas Traveller 54 Stegron 64 Kraven 67 Carrion 90 Cosmic Spider-Man 102 Venom and Demogoblin 121 Iron Man 134 Venom to be sent Normal Mail Do you agree??
  21. old-timers

    1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man - Gold signatures needed

    Hi Tom, I have in near mint/mint condition if interested please PM, Thanks 2 Annex 31 Judas Traveller 54 Stegron 64 Kraven 67 Carrion 90 Cosmic Spider-Man 102 Venom and Demogoblin 121 Iron Man 134 Venom
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