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  1. Davebvd

    Back on the forum

    Hi mate. I was looking to sell as a lot. I have 3 jerseys, 1 pair of shorts, some hats, the 1997 program and some random bits. Not worked out a price yet.
  2. Davebvd

    Back on the forum

    Hello all, Back on the site with a new account, as my last one suddenly stopped working last year. Slightly off topic from cards, but wondering if people can help with a rough valuation on a jersey, or let me know who to talk to. I have a retro Sharks jersey, used but clean. I had it signed...
  3. Davebvd

    Signing-in issues

    Feedback I guess. I suddenly found myself unable to log in to this webpage, for months and months. Password reset emails never arrived so I couldn't do that. I sent several emails to admin to ask for help. Never had any responses. Finally I've given in and had to create a new email address...
  4. Davebvd

    2022 Elite Trades

    Speed Series Need SS1, 2 To Trade 4, 14, 17, 36, 41, 43 Speed Series Album card Need SSA1 To Trade SSA16 (131/157) All Stars Need AS02 Cobbo To Trade 3, 9, 17, 19 NRLW Need 001 To Trade 9, 16, 27, 38 Dally M Need DM13 To Trade 01, 15 Young Guns Need YG01, 2 To Trade 31 League Sensations...
  5. Davebvd

    2022 TLA NRL Elite Official Thread - Checklist Added

    I hope my box arrives today. Getting jealous that everyone else is opening theirs!
  6. Davebvd

    Completed Davebvd & Daniel82

    Daniel82 gets $$$ via bank transfer Davebvd gets 2018 Traders SR: 1,2,3 FOTY: 1,2,3,4 CH: 1,2 Startoons: ST01 ,G0,1 SB01 ASS: 1 ASN: 1. Gillett Premiership Predictor: 1 (#107/218) Unredeemed WC 16 (Josh McGuire) 2018 Elite DM: 19 CC: 1 Road to the Finals: RF1 (#008) 2019...
  7. Davebvd

    2022 Special Edition (Best & Less) to Trade

    Look to trade where possible. Buy if required Base Cards Need - 5 (x2), 13, 33 To trade (have multiples) 3,6,8,10,15,16,19,21,24,25,28,30,32,36,37,42,43,45,48 Silver Need - SP5, SP7, SP8, SP9, SP11, SP12, SP14, SP16 To Trade - SP3, SP15 Gold Need 1,2,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,13,14,16
  8. Davebvd

    Things that piss me off

    Maybe leave earlier! :lol:
  9. Davebvd

    Completed Redtorana / Davebvd

    Arrived. Thanks
  10. Davebvd

    Completed Redtorana / Davebvd

  11. Davebvd

    WANTED. 21/22 Traders Albums

    Been away overseas and trying to catch up my collection. I can't seem to find the 2021 and 2022 traders albums anywhere.
  12. Davebvd

    NRL 2018 Elite Discussion Thread

    Can we get confirmation of this Michael?
  13. Davebvd

    NRL 2018 Elite Discussion Thread

    I've just now seen the flyer. I'm assuming the 1/1 cards are the same players as the road to finals cards? On the chance anyone pulls the 1/1 Sam Thaiday card. I have the 2016 Corey Oates 1/1 to trade for it
  14. Davebvd

    Official 2018 NRL TLA Traders Thread (Sell Sheet Page 5)

    I call bulshit on this. Don't just single out Brisbane when other clubs are worse. NSW origin never seem to give a shit either in context against Kevie Walters banned x number of players from QLD selection just for staying out late.
  15. Davebvd

    Official 2018 NRL TLA Traders Thread (Sell Sheet Page 5)

    true, but he pretty much was the reason we made the final in the first place
  16. Davebvd

    Official 2018 NRL TLA Traders Thread (Sell Sheet Page 5)

    I'll still be chasing the ben hunt card despite him moving
  17. Davebvd

    Official 2018 NRL TLA Traders Thread (Sell Sheet Page 5)

    Same, I'll collect all cards with the Broncos jersey in them.
  18. Davebvd

    Official 2018 NRL TLA Traders Thread (Sell Sheet Page 5)

    I'd doubt it. Mick Ennis had a retirement card last year
  19. Davebvd

    The Official 2017 TLA Elite NRL Thread (Sell Sheet Page 10, 1/1 Preview Page 17)

    Bit harsh, I've dealt with him several times in person and never had an issue. I know he'll be running about with kids and junior sports teams, etc so sometimes it takes him a while to answer.
  20. Davebvd

    2017 reflection and 2018 collecting goals

    What was the highlight in collecting in 2017? I managed to get hold of the 2016 1-1 Corey Oates jersey card What was the biggest disappointment in 2017? Predictors were a bit of a mess. I only really chased them all because I was hoping for a Broncos win (idiot!) What are you expecting in...
  21. Davebvd

    Predictors Gold Sets

    Totally!!!!! It was like winning the golden ticket for the chocolate factory!
  22. Davebvd

    Predictors Gold Sets

    Remember being a kid (way back in 94), saving your hard earned coins, jumping on the pushie to the corner store to buy cards. And the mind blowing excitement when you pulled a 'gold' card. Best feeling in the world! You just lost your shit at how awesome the universe was. Checking the mailbox...
  23. Davebvd

    Predictors Gold Sets

    Better than my words
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