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  1. wasportsfan1

    Wanted - Larry Johnson Auto

    still on the hunt!
  2. wasportsfan1

    2021-22 Panini Mosaic Hobby Box

    dont think stained glass are case hits anymore :( from what i have seen busted!
  3. wasportsfan1

    For Sale/For Trade $0.50 to $20 NBA lots and singles updated 18 June

    hey mate just checking you know the post is over 2 years old! hopefully the cards are still around!
  4. wasportsfan1

    Price/Value of cards (debunkd)

    google Kevin Durant and Kobe Autographs they arent even close mate....... trust me i have been collecting for 20years
  5. wasportsfan1

    Price/Value of cards (debunkd)

    nothing mate they are fake
  6. wasportsfan1

    Need a Price or Value on a Card BV $$ ? Ask Here

    mate they are fake as! nothing but beer coasters sorry to tell yah trust me
  7. wasportsfan1

    For Sale Lillard Flawless patch auto /10!!

    yep more like triple that or even more lol
  8. wasportsfan1

    For Sale Lillard Flawless patch auto /10!!

    just letting you know this post is over 3 years old!
  9. wasportsfan1

    RJ Barrett Optic rookie rainbow

    needs a price as per site rules now mate
  10. wasportsfan1

    [28/05] Pippen Spectra Gold, Bosh Exquisite

    no problems mate just helping out the new member mate, just incase the op isnt around around or you dont get a response. goodluck
  11. wasportsfan1

    [28/05] Pippen Spectra Gold, Bosh Exquisite

    i would send a message to them personally before bumping a old post, now the OP could be getting heaps of questions asking for cards that they may not have
  12. wasportsfan1

    [28/05] Pippen Spectra Gold, Bosh Exquisite

    hey mate you know this post is 2 years old right?
  13. wasportsfan1

    The Official NBL thread

    wildcats did have cards this year with rare Cotton autos in them
  14. wasportsfan1

    For Sale Lamelo Prizm red /99 on EBAY

    because the post was last year!
  15. wasportsfan1

    Bryce Cotton??

    hey mate nothing around sorry apart from the Wildcats releases of cards, he has bobbleheads and signed prints from the US that is around. I was able to get Mooney and Law autos though
  16. wasportsfan1

    Hello From Perth

    hey mate no whats app, im in Perth
  17. wasportsfan1

    Hello From Perth

    Yeah just NBA mate have slowed down heaps due to the prices of boxes :)
  18. wasportsfan1

    Hello From Perth

    welcome mate, good to see another WA bloke in here
  19. wasportsfan1

    New Member (NBA Spurs)

    welcome back mate, same here spurs fan in WA
  20. wasportsfan1

    For Sale UPDATED/PRICE DROPS: 2021-22 Revolution, RCs of Embiid, Doncic; Retro Metal LBJ

    Pete did you have any Rookie Impressions from this year at all? Im missing just a few to finish off!
  21. wasportsfan1

    Comeback mail day of epic status

    sexy mate always good to see some drob
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