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    Funny Card of the Week

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    Welcome Malcom

    Welcome to the forum
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    May the 4th be with you !!!

    A good day to go to Toshi station to buy some power converters
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    For Trade Cards - Trade for Anything

    Adult interested in trading for fun. Want to trade cards worth less than $2 each. Can fit up to 20 cards in a padded mailer. Happy to trade for cards from any collecting area. As long as the trade is fair. We would each pay our own postage for the swap. Australia Post charges $3.00 in stamps...
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    Trying to find the value of my collection

    Very nice looking cards. There are a lot of knowledgeable NRL collectors around the forum, so you're bound to get some replies soon. I saw a post from 2014 on these forums for a similar set, asking price $10,000. Good luck with the valuation.
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    Funny Card of the Week

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    SOLD/TRADED Deleted

    No longer offering blind swaps.
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    I was mistaken in posting an ad in the general section
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    SOLD/TRADED Deleted

    I appreciate the reply. Yes, I certainly agree that some people would add value and others may send common cards. My thinking is that either is ok, as long as it's fun. I like the way both people would have to take a chance on whether the quality of what they send will be reciprocated. As...
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