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  1. Ardog

    For Sale/For Trade Supremacy Rookie Draft Class 41/50 West Coast

    Hey Guys, hoping to trade my West Coast Rookie Draft redemption card 41/50 for an Essendon equivalent. Or sell for $175 posted tracked. Thanks for looking!
  2. Ardog

    For Sale Hoops Premium Multi box and Blaster

    Hi Guys, Selling the following boxes, 2019-20 Hoops Premium Multi box (not in outer shrink wrap, but all packs are there) 2019-20 Hoops Premium Blaster Looking for $220 posted for both boxes.
  3. Ardog

    For Sale/For Trade Select Legacy 2023

    Hey Guys, Looking to sell my Legacy hits, or happy to trade for Elijah Tsatas DPS cards. Postage $3 (Regular) or $7 (Tracked). Ben Cousins Legacy 20/35 $650 Olli Hotton Platinum DPS 15/40 $150 Max Michalanney Gold DPS 66/90 $100 Tom Emmett Bronze DPS 83/175 $40 Dylan Moore Vortex 13/60...
  4. Ardog

    For Sale Steph Curry "Night Night" Tyson Beck AP Variation /30

    Hey Guys, Looking to move on this great Curry card as I need some funds for something else! Numbered 11/30, will ship bubble wrapped in a box, included within the sale price. Asking $700 AUD via F&F or payid (one recent comp at $750AUD on ebay).
  5. Ardog

    For Sale Scottie Pippen / Anthony Davis / Jayson Tatum / Sealed Boxes

    Scottie Pippen 2013-14 Select Jersey Autograph Purple POP 2 none higher True Gem Mint numbered 15/30 for sale. No sales history on 130point, but the unnumbered variety recently sold for $400 USD ($597 AUD right now). Only other comps are Ebay listings (not sales) for $2200 AU for the gold /10...
  6. Ardog

    Select Collector Club Membership

    I just noticed the same thing! I'd love to ask the same if anyone within the SCC would be happy to vouch!
  7. Ardog

    For Sale Optimum 2022 Harry McKay Coleman Medal 26/50 & Future Force Francis Redemption

    Hi Guys, Looking to sell the following cards. Prices include shipping in a bubble mailer and top loader wrapped in cardboard, registered post is an extra $4. Optimum 2022 Harry McKay Coleman Medal 26/50 $350 Future Force 2015 Aaron Francis Draft Pick Redemption 90/90 $100 I'll try to add...
  8. Ardog

    Optimum 2022

    Opened my 2 boxes in the last few days. Wasn't going to open the second but glad I did in the end, hit a McKay medal winner!
  9. Ardog

    Optimum 2022

    Looks like some more Albums are available if anyone is interested.
  10. Ardog

    For Sale Dustin Martin Prestige Pink JUMPER NUMBER 004/325 Tigers

    Hey Guys, Friend is selling this card on Ebay, ends tonight! Goodluck!
  11. Ardog

    Completed Ardog & chokito

    Ardog gets Paypal $$ @chokito gets connor rozee gold supremacy /35 agree?
  12. Ardog

    For Sale Select Brilliance Connor Rozee Gold 10/35

    Hi Guys, Looking to sell the above mentioned card as pictured below, Recent Ebay sales are $820, $900, $1000 AUD. Asking $850 shipped.
  13. Ardog

    For Trade WTT Select Brilliance Changkuoth Jiath 10/50

    Hi Guys, Looking to trade my Select Brilliance Changkuoth Jiath 10/50 as pictured for an Essendon equivalent, ideally Daniher or Lloyd.
  14. Ardog

    Brilliance is coming

    Busted my 2, pretty happy to get a gold. Not sure what I'll do with the Rozee, likely look to trade the Jiath for an Essendon card.
  15. Ardog

    Brilliance is coming

  16. Ardog

    WTS NBA Boxes of Hoops Premium and Prizm

    Some gone, most still available. Prices updated.
  17. Ardog

    Completed Ardog & DaveKD

  18. Ardog

    WTS NBA Boxes of Hoops Premium and Prizm

    Bump! Happy to discuss prices or even trades.
  19. Ardog

    WTS NBA Boxes of Hoops Premium and Prizm

    Bump! Added image and updated prices
  20. Ardog

    WTS NBA Boxes of Hoops Premium and Prizm

    These are still available. Prices updated
  21. Ardog

    WTS NBA Boxes of Hoops Premium and Prizm

    Happy to discuss prices! send me a pm
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