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  1. skip20

    Encore - High Definition Set Completion!

    Thanks mate, the more I see of the modern stuff, the more I appreiate the older stuff! Kobe nostalgia ftw, no. 8 in those iconic adidas kicks!
  2. skip20

    Encore - High Definition Set Completion!

    Cheers mate, that speaks volumes coming from a design minded individual such as yoruself!
  3. skip20

    2 more lebrons

    Vintage looking cards always strike a chord.... Nice Kaboomish finish on the Hand Crafted Red, never seen that particular insert before. Noice!
  4. skip20

    Encore - High Definition Set Completion!

    Not many parallels back then, insert sets were very unique and to some degree the checklist matched the set theme too. Inserts wise there hasn;t really been a ny great new ideas that Panini has come up with in the modern era - some of the manga inspired stuff perhaps and the booklets, but that...
  5. skip20

    Encore - High Definition Set Completion!

    Hey folks - KGF4L has demanded soem more maildays so we better listen to the man...or else the ban hammer may be wielded! lol This set completion is from 2000-01 Upper Deck Encore, being the High Definition set. Each card has a nice sheen to it and look really good under the light. The other...
  6. 1713179463948.jpeg


  7. skip20

    Surprise mailday

    Welcome back to the forum mate. I think it's about high time we renamed one of these basketball channels in your honour.... Nice looking card and return to the boards in what can only be described as being in a "timely" manner,,,,,
  8. skip20

    Full Capacity Mailday

    Don't stress mate, just grab a PSA 6 - heh heh Good luck with the chase.
  9. skip20

    Full Capacity Mailday

    Impressive haul! It sounds like a welcome to the incomplete set builders club is in order! lol Just out of curiosity, because I haven't seen many around, what do you expect the Bronski to be worth?
  10. skip20

    Couple more Lebrons

    Like the finish on that Hoops - and sheesh, that's one young looking Lebron! Nice pickups!
  11. skip20

    How NOT to finish a set chase - Part 2

    That's what I like about the older pre Panini era, more innovation and less replication. Tim Duncan block s incoming to finish it off. Blocks and dunks seem hardest to track down and seem to go for a premium.
  12. skip20

    How NOT to finish off small set chases

    I'm already more than half way through completing it a second time. Plenty of false starts (and finishes) apparent.... Ironically the last card needed was Stevie Franchise, grabbed doubles (or trips) of almost everything else lol
  13. skip20

    How NOT to finish a set chase - Part 2

    You haven't been paying attention to the amount of gimmicky Panini die cuts? Hopefully still some new ultra modern product around for the man with the scorpion sig....
  14. skip20

    How NOT to finish off small set chases

    Sure is mate, just wish they all had such nice photos. The old looking rounded CRT screens and that early digital font in the top right all add to the era and gimmick, kids these days don't know that TVs weren't always flat screens!
  15. skip20

    Mail day....

    Nice work mate, my eyes must be gettign old and tired - took me forever to pick out the 'winter' aspect to those slam cards, very subtle.
  16. skip20

    A couple of big PC additions (for me)

    Couple of hard to get autos there - let alone on card, both have pretty decent sigs too!
  17. skip20

    For Sale/For Trade Plenty of autos on ebay....

    Hi fam, I currently have 50 lower tier autos listed on ebay (well, 49 and 1 RC to be exact) all up at $5 a pop. Adding more each day to help clear out non-PC items. Happy to trade one or all of those cards into a smaller number of higher tier cards. Have a look and if anything grabs your...
  18. skip20

    I’ll be back!

    Hope all goes to plan mate, the cardboard can wait!
  19. skip20

    A couple of Lebrons

    Much love to Studio - very under-rated product with some really great looking cards.
  20. skip20

    SOLD/TRADED Bulk lots Prizm, Mosaic, Flux, Chronicles, Donruss, Rookies

    Just the base / commons mate or does the bulk lot include parallels / inserts / jersey cards etc.
  21. skip20

    Completed skip20 and SharpysSports

    skip20 receives case 1000 x 35 point toploaders and 2 x 100 penny sleeve packs SharpysSports receives $$$ All good mate?
  22. skip20

    For Sale Cheap 35pt Supplies!

    PM sent mate - consdier this a bump!
  23. skip20

    How NOT to finish a set chase - Part 2

    Liekd it the first tiem I saw it - surprised nobody else replicated or developed the idea further.
  24. skip20

    How NOT to finish a set chase - Part 2

    In 00 -01 it was year two Elton Brand who put up hsi second 20-10 year in a row and was looking like the next big thing. Part of the allure of these cards is looking back at the time with 100% hindsight and reading it all back. Imagien if it was duncan and Yao or something similar - iconic...
  25. skip20

    How NOT to finish off small set chases

    Good point, I'll run with that... lol
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