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  1. BLOWN8

    Jeremy Cameron is the Coleman Medalist for 2019

    Jeremy Cameron just kicked his 7th goal against the Suns, puts him outright first. I knew when Ben Brown only kicked 2 Cameron was a massive chance. After all, the Suns just want to get this season over with. Well done Cameron. First individual award for a GWS player, a part from AA selection.
  2. BLOWN8

    Birthday box breaks

    So for my birthday I got myself a box of Regal GOTG and my wife surprised me with a box of Dominance. I actually don’t rate Dominance at all and have most of the Hawks cards I need, but love her to bits for the present, it’s the thought that counts and she’s a real keeper lol. But sadly as you...
  3. BLOWN8

    In Progress Blown8 and Freo1995

    Blown8 gets - Hawks gold Predictor - Timeless of Burgoyne, Henderson, Puopolo and roughead Freo1995 gets Paypal $$$ Paypal done.
  4. BLOWN8

    eBay Big Champions clearance - various years

    Listing the below on eBay starting at .99 cents. Some already listed with more to come over the weekend. Check it out here
  5. BLOWN8

    Completed Leopold09 & blown8

    Blown8 gets Swan Brownlow micro figure Leopold09 gets $$$ via paypal Have already sent funds and address. Thanks
  6. BLOWN8

    For Sale Hird 2008 tribute sig

    Selling this. Pulled it myself on day of release back in 2008. Will sell for $390 including registered postage.
  7. BLOWN8

    Brownlow card but not what y’all think

    I also got a Brownlow card today but it’s not what y’all are chasing right now 😉
  8. BLOWN8

    Completed mike666 and blown8

    blown8 gets the following 13 cards. Footys finest buckley and kernahan, FHOF Williams and kernahan, 96 medal Ablett and locket, Legend Smith, Jezza, Murray, 2012 AA Glass, Watson, ablett, deledio. mike666 gets $$$ via paypal (already sent) Thanks mate
  9. BLOWN8

    Completed Allrounder and blown8

    Blown8 gets 7 Futera Frontliners Allrounder gets $$$ via PayPal
  10. BLOWN8

    Random Futera card like no other

    Received a mail day all the way from the UK today. A sweet rare Brian Lara card of which I’ve never seen another. My card on top and the standard version below. Spot the difference?
  11. BLOWN8

    SOLD/TRADED Ashes Portrait promo set

  12. BLOWN8

    FOUND - Chasing holofoil HF16 Bracken from 2007/08

    Am chasing one Select 2007/08 Holofoil to complete my set. The card I’m chasing is HF16 Nathan Bracken. Same as pictured but in the holofoil version. Hopefully someone can help me out. Cheers
  13. BLOWN8

    In Progress Bronz and blown8

    Blown8 gets George Bailey Legends Shield card Bronz gets $$$ via paypal Funds sent 👍
  14. BLOWN8

    Completed Baggies and blown8

    Baggies gets a 2007 HOF set Blown8 gets $$$ via PayPal Funds already received so will post Monday 👍
  15. BLOWN8

    SOLD/TRADED 2007 HOF set

  16. BLOWN8

    Completed vin and blown8

    vin gets 17/18 Ashes inserts: Golds 61, 90 Rivalries 1, 5 National Pride 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Milestone 1, 8 Blown8 gets $$$ via paypal. Already received paypal. Will send tomorrow via regular postage.
  17. BLOWN8

    For Sale/For Trade TnP 17/18 Ashes inserts

    Got these for sale/trade. National Prides $1.50 each Ashes Rivalries $1.50 each Milestones $5 each Steve Smith redemption SOLD Peter Handscomb redemption $75 Plus postage Just ask what numbers you need for the National Prides and Rivalries as I have most in doubles. Have some golds also which...
  18. BLOWN8

    Completed Juxedo & Blown8

    Blown8 gets top loader binder plus albums And Juxedo gets $$$ via PayPal. Already paid mate. Thanks
  19. BLOWN8

    Completed Antzwa & blown8

    Blown8 gets Worpel platinum Future Force sig and Stratton Legacy 001 parallel Antzwa gets $$$ via PayPal
  20. BLOWN8

    Chasing Worpel Green Future Force signature cards

    Am chasing last years Future Force Green /25 signature card of James Worpel. Let me know if you can help. Thanks
  21. BLOWN8

    Completed Card Fanatic & Blown8

    Card Fanatic gets 4 x Legacy Rookies and free Selwood AA Blown8 gets $$$ via PayPal
  22. BLOWN8

    Completed Baggies & blown8

    Baggies gets Carlton silver predictor plus 2 x AA’s Blown8 gets Ross rookie and parallel Both to send via regular postage.
  23. BLOWN8

    SOLD/TRADED Legacy for sale

    Rookies $13 each Carlton Silver Predictor SOLD Free AA’s with every purchase - Mitchell gone $3.50 regular or $6.50 registered postage
  24. BLOWN8

    Completed piemad10 & blown8

    piemad10 gets Luke Ball patch card and redemption (not 100% mint and made clear in the ad) blown8 gets paypal $$$ To be sent via regular post when payment made.
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