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  1. Angry

    Chasing 2019 nrl elite roosters cards jersey numbered

    Hi everyone chasing any roosters cards with there players number , if anyone can help please? doesn’t have to be just this release A few from this years release Young gun black radley league sensation black tupou Spotlight jersey card Spotlight jersey signature card And any mojo singles or...
  2. Angry

    For Sale/For Trade 2019 nrl signed magic round flags

    Got a couple of signed magic round flags these were very hard to get at the games , had to show your ticket in a supporters area to receive 1 flag I will put up more as I get them signed, if anyone is interested pm me
  3. Angry

    For Sale 2019 nrl best and less cards

    Hi everyone I have a full box of these cards to open plus loose packs will update soon, if any one wants any cards let me no ASAP Folders $20 packets $2 each for 5 cards 60 packets per box I have 12 teams with all 5 cards in the set 3 commons 1 silver 1 gold $20 a set Teams missing are...
  4. Angry

    For Sale/For Trade Signed 2019 traders inserts faces, Str, club hero

    Has anyone on here have any spare signed inserts there chasing or need? , I need only a few to finish my Faces Of The game set , I have nearly 100 spares to trade Faces needed #5 brad abbey #34 jake Clifford #36 enari tuala #47 Jacob gagan #51 Jordan pereira #52 Reece robson #53 Lindsay...
  5. Angry

    Wanted unopened Matt Moylan magic round packs

    Hi looking for these unopened packs 1st matt Moylan Addo-Carr , Moses ,Vaughan , graham , cook , Hodgson , happy to swap 5packs for 1 I need
  6. Angry

    For Trade Magic round cards

    Hi everyone i have decided to put this thread up to help as many people on this site as I can , depending on how hard or how easy these cards are to get as to how many people I can help ? I no there is plenty of interest in these as there always is with any sort of cards , so put your interest...
  7. Angry

    For Sale 2019 manly premiership predictor #7

    As above looking for $100 delivered
  8. Angry

    2018 nrl elite parralel cards in silver pen

    I must say these turned out amazing , key is to make sure the pen is new and streak free, these are what I have started in the silver pen , I will try to get extras done if I have them ? So if anyone is interested let me no
  9. Angry

    For Sale/For Trade Clearing out nrl cards part 2

    I have need to start a part 2 thread for my cards, happy to trade for bulk new elite cards your trying to clear out or don’t want ?high end and low end inserts, Let me no what you got available if you interested in my cards hope you enjoy cheers Titans Sharks Holmes young gun Cowboys...
  10. Angry

    Thurston case card wanted

    I am chasing Jonathan Thurston case card if anyone has one please let me no cheers
  11. Angry

    For Sale/For Trade 2019 black startoons

    Will also trade for new traders inserts
  12. Angry

    Ultra pro plastic card organisers

    Hi everyone I thought I would show of my display cases I received yesterday , these things are awesome and save space and time in sorting out teams and players very easy
  13. Angry

    For Sale/For Trade Clearing out nrl cards part 1

    Happy to trade For new elite high and low end cards? If there is anyone on here needing any or wanting to start a ip signature collection please pm , happy to do bulk deals ? I have 1000s of spare commons and inserts Im clearing out and would rather help poeple on here first, so let me no if...
  14. Angry

    For Trade Nrl glory ip signed cards

    Hi everyone thought I might start up a page we’re if we get any of the older or harder to get players from this set we can work together to fill our gaps in this set ? We all live in different states so some of us won’t get some players , Here is my want list Current players Blake Austin...
  15. Angry

    For Sale/For Trade Heaps Afl ip signed common and inserts cards

    Is anyone interested in any Afl ip signed cards ? If interested pm me an I will send photos of the teams or players you are looking for?
  16. Angry

    For Sale Cricket 2004/2005 album and signature set

    Selling this album and signed signature set still in album, these folder sets limited to only 500,this folder set is 176/590. most of the common cards in this set have been personally signed over a very long time and hours trying to get these ? There are 83 out of 100 commons signed, and 9 cards...
  17. Angry

    For Sale Nrl Numbered inserts cards for sale

    Here a a heap of signed numbered inserts cards, Pm if interested in anything ? Keen to clear these out ASAP
  18. Angry

    Wanted Roosters gold marvel jersey signature card

    Hi everyone I’m chasing the gold marvel jersey signature card limited to I think #6 Please let me no if anyone has one available
  19. Angry

    For Sale/For Trade 2018 panthers predictor cards #18/50

    Here is a 2018 Penrith panthers premiership predictor , pm if interested or got a roosters one for trade??? Predictor Card #70/218 Panthers team photo #18/50
  20. Angry

    For Sale 2018 roosters signature premiership set

    I have for sale a spare 2018 Sydney roosters signature premiership set ,as we no there limited to only #50 sets, looking for $900 pm if interested
  21. Angry

    For Sale Hawthorne 2013 premiership redemption 5 card set

    Here is a 2013 Hawtorne premiership redemption set #21
  22. Angry

    For Sale Cricket signed inserts clear out

    Clearing out more of my personal signed cricket inserts and cards , happy do discount abit if you wanted to buy bulk ? Let me no if anything interests you
  23. Angry

    Player in focus Joseph manu

    Has anyone got a spare Joseph manu player in focus card I could buy please
  24. Angry

    VB premiership roosters beer can

    Hi just wondering if anyone has or could get me 6 of these limited beer cans happy to pay for them plus postage ? Looks like there only available in Sydney there not available from Qld
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