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  1. FootyMadEli

    For Sale/For Trade Magic round cards

    I have the following available. Team sets (panthers, manly, warriors, cowboys, roosters, rabbits, raiders) Pm me if you’re interested and we can figure something out 🙂
  2. FootyMadEli

    For Trade Jake Granville LS

    2018 elite Jake Granville LS #51/90 Trade for 2019 elite: Pangai ruby Or Boyd ruby Or Checklist ruby Or Mccoulough ruby Or Isaako ruby Cheers
  3. FootyMadEli

    Jamayne isaako black young gun

    As per title I am after a black YG isaako, have money ready to go.
  4. FootyMadEli

    Wanted broncos cards

    Hi all I am looking to trade cards from my sale/trade list for the following cards. Any broncos ips Any broncos extreme inserts 2019 traders: Oates SOO Red McCullough toon Ruby and emerald McCullough Sam thaiday retirement 2018 traders: blue McGuire Kangaroos parallel gillett 2017 elite...
  5. FootyMadEli

    Identifying a sig

    It is a warrior that played in tonight’s game does anyone have any clue on who this is?
  6. FootyMadEli

    Completed FootyMadEli and jimmy79

    FootyMadEli recieves money via PayPal Jimmy79 recieves llod Aiden Tolman, Kaysa Pritchard and 2016 elite captain jarrod Croker Agreed?
  7. FootyMadEli

    Various cards required

    Looking to trade or buy the following cards: 2019 traders: Jamayne isaako STR Andrew McCullough and Oates SOO Red and clear McCullough 2018 traders: blue McGuire 2017 elite: McCullough elite impact 2017 traders: Club hero Tom opacic 2016 elite: Run and gun Boyd and Milford Jack reed and Alex...
  8. FootyMadEli

    Qld state of origin United in maroon

    Hi, I am after Joe Ofahengaue David fifita Corey oates Matt Gillett Qld state of origin United in maroon signed cards These are the cards I’m talking about
  9. FootyMadEli

    For Sale Delete

  10. FootyMadEli

    SOLD/TRADED Delete

  11. FootyMadEli

    In Progress FootyMadEli and Stormlad80

    FootyMadEli recieves $$ vis paypal Stormlad80 recieves 2017 manly predictor Agreed?
  12. FootyMadEli

    In Progress FootyMadEli and Royster

    FootyMadEli recieves McCullough 2019 traders llod Royster recieves Bateman 2019 traders llod Agreed?
  13. FootyMadEli

    broncos high end cards

    Hi all, I am looking for the following cards 2018 Player In Focus jamayne isaako 2017 broncos predictor 2017 Alex Glenn superhero /50 2015 elite both quads 2014 Corey Parker league sensation
  14. FootyMadEli

    In Progress FootyMadEli and Cpa78

    FootyMadEli recieves $$ via PayPal Cpa78 recieves 2017 eels predictor Agreed?
  15. FootyMadEli

    Completed FootyMadEli and 3bet

    FootyMadEli recieves $$ vis paypal 3bet recieves plum and Rapira retirements Agreed?
  16. FootyMadEli

    SOLD/TRADED Delete

  17. FootyMadEli

    Completed FootyMadEli and Bernard

    FootyMadEli recieves 2016 elite Corey Oates road to the final jersey patch signature Bernard recieves $$$ vis PayPal Agreed?
  18. FootyMadEli

    Completed FootyMadEli and Paul_Ambrey

    FootyMadEli recieves Beale top prospect from 2012 dynasty Paul_Ambrey recieves $$ vis paypal Agreed?
  19. FootyMadEli

    For Sale Delete

  20. FootyMadEli

    Sensational ip

    On Thursday night at the broncos game I got one of the best ips I have ever got.
  21. FootyMadEli

    Completed FootyMadEli and bob

    FootyMadEli recieves Blue toon McCullough, 2013 broncos premiership card and emerald sig Joel Thompson Bob recieves retirement JT and Jai Arrow last line of defence Agreed?
  22. FootyMadEli

    Completed FootyMadEli and Paul_Ambrey

    FootyMadEli recieves Andrew McCullough top prospect 2011 Paul_Ambrey recieves paypal $$$ Agreed
  23. FootyMadEli

    One touches

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy bulk one touches from for a discounted price? Thanks
  24. FootyMadEli

    Completed Tejas and FootyMadEli

    I recieve James roberts authentic signature 2019 traders Tejas recieves $$$ via paypal Agreed?
  25. FootyMadEli

    Completed FootyMadEli and rhino1983

    I recieve PayPal $$ rhino1983 recieves black toon Gutherson Agreed?
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