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  1. Gary Dixon

    4 Boxes of 2017-18 FB Prizm = DISGUSTING

    I’m nearly traumatised at how awful these 4 boxes of Prizm were. 4 blokes who have no right having an Auto and only 1 rookie variant. No Mitchell, Tatum, Fox, Ball, Kuzma, Smith Jr etc disco Prizm. These retail for around $150 a box and to not get one card that would be worth over $10 (maybe the...
  2. Gary Dixon

    In Progress Gary Dixon and bm335

    bm335 sends PayPal, Gary Dixon sends Malik Monk Cornerstones/75 and /8. Agreed?
  3. Gary Dixon

    Jayson Tatum Rookie Prizm

    Please let me know if you have any for sale. Not looking for trash players, but anything over $30 value. Thanks
  4. Gary Dixon

    In Progress SUBIE MUZ and Gary Dixon

    Gary sends PayPal, SUBI MUZ sends Kyrie Noir Auto. Agreed?
  5. Gary Dixon

    For Sale Troy Brown Jr Encased, KAT Opulence

    Please add $3 postage. Registered post is an additional $4. Thanks Karl Anthony Towns Opulence 2018-19 Emerald 3/5 $25 Troy Brown Jr /75 9.5 sold Troy Brown Jr /99 9 sold Larry Hughes /99 $8
  6. Gary Dixon

    Contenders Collegiate Boxes

    Looking for sealed boxes of Contenders College Basketball. Thanks
  7. Gary Dixon

    SOLD/TRADED Hamidou Diallo Spotlight Signature $40!

    Please add $3 for regular or $7 registered post.
  8. Gary Dixon

    Troy Brown Jr Noir

    Please let me know if you are selling any. Thanks
  9. Gary Dixon

    Please delete

    If you have any Mo Bamba from Noir I’d be very interested. I already have what is pictured. Thanks
  10. Gary Dixon

    Westbrook and Leonard Spectra Head Liners

    Happy to pay above eBay prices for these cards.
  11. Gary Dixon

    Aldridge 1/1

    While not the biggest hit, I absolutely love the design and colour of this card. Thanks to Firehand Cards to getting it to me safely.
  12. Gary Dixon

    In Progress Govern8r and Gary Dixon

    Gary Dixon receives PayPal, govern8r receives Anthony Davis Impeccable Silver Bar /22. Agreed?
  13. Gary Dixon

    Bowman Chrome 2019 Texas Rangers

    All cards $40 delivered
  14. Gary Dixon

    SOLD/TRADED Chronicles Player Lots and Pop Vinyls

    Chronicles Player Lots. Please add $3 regular or $7 registered post. Shai Gilgeous Alexander $30 sold Pop Vinyls $30 ($10 postage)
  15. Gary Dixon

    2018/19 Spectra and Others Mailday

    Had a great Spectra Break thanks to West Oz Cards Also received a few others this week too
  16. Gary Dixon

    Miles Bridges

    Looking for Miles Bridges Cards. Mainly mid-high end. Happy to buy or trade. I’ll upload cards that I have to trade shortly. Thanks
  17. Gary Dixon

    2018 Leaf Legends of Wrestling

    $100 delivered. All cards came from the same box. Thanks
  18. Gary Dixon

    Mitchell Robinson Rated Rookie Auto Silver, Knox Redemption and more

    Please add $3 standard or $7 registered post. Thanks $50 $5 $5 $40 $3 $4 $10 $6
  19. Gary Dixon

    In Progress Mattyyeah and Gary Dixon

    Martyyeah receives: Melton Crown RC AU /99 $3 Smith Contenders RC AU /199 $2 Westbrook Choice Awards /99 $4 George Choice Awards /99 $4 Smith Rookie Royalty /75 $3 Mikael Bridges Royalty /25 $6 Okobo Crown Rookie /25 $2 Gary receives PayPal. Agreed?
  20. Gary Dixon

    Gary’s Thread: Trae Young On Card Auto

    Please add $3 standard or $7 regular post. Cheers Trae Young Dominion RJA /199 $80 Terrance Ferguson Vanguard RPA /99 $18 Russell Westbrook Stainless Stars /99 $12
  21. Gary Dixon

    Crown Royal Mail day (KABOOM!)

    Nice mail day from West Oz Cards Crown Royale Break. I’ve been in about 20 Crown Royale breaks with the Thunder chasing this Russ Kaboom! I’ll post further pics once the Diallo’s start rolling in.
  22. Gary Dixon

    For Sale Huge Lot, 66 cards for $100

    All cards pictured $100 plus $8 postage
  23. Gary Dixon

    In Progress Gary Dixon & Coolidgee

    Coolidgee sends PayPal, Gary sends Mo Bamba Auto. Agree?
  24. Gary Dixon

    Wendell Carter Jr 1/1 Mailday

    Managed to hit this gem in a cheap Bulls break. Shame about the sticker auto but I’ll take it.
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