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    For Sale 2022-23 cards for sale

    Bank Transfer (PayID /Osko) or PayPal FF/ G&S +3.5% Postage: $4.50 Regular/ $9 Registered $12 Parcel Post 2022-23 Immaculate Robert Horry Clutch Time Signatures Gold /10 *SOLD* 2022-23 Immaculate D'Angelo Russell Remarkable Jerseys $12 2022-23 Immaculate Dyson Daniels RPA /99 $70 Alperen...
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    2X Hobby of 23/24 OPC and 1X 22/23 SPA.

    Picked up a box of OPC from Diggaz for $125. Got every other top rookie except for Bedard. It was a Cooley box. Also gota bounty redemption not pictured . Absolutely got trolled with the rainbow foil marquee rookie First thing I saw was the logo, then when the heart started pumping.. the bloody...
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    2X Hobby of 23/24 OPC and 1X 22/23 SPA.

    Not sure either, they probably locked it to update the preorder increase to $199. Preordered Extended series instead.
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    2X Hobby of 23/24 OPC and 1X 22/23 SPA.

    A nice little PC mailday to help ease the pain of my niners letting another super bowl slip away.
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    2X Hobby of 23/24 OPC and 1X 22/23 SPA.

    How much are the OPC boxes? I saw them for $99 preorder at Cherry but it wouldn't let me add to cart. Would have been a fun Bedard chase. Nect minute they're $199 😡
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    Random Hockey Hobby Packs

    I've had a good run with 23-24 S1 but the Bedard SP eludes me. I've got all YG except for Luke Hughes. Edvinsson Red outburst was by far my best hit from any flagship set until I get that McDavid one day.
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    Random Hockey Hobby Packs

    He sure is. Just waiting for him to rip his Christmas presents on his own terms.
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    Random Hockey Hobby Packs

    The main event pack. 15-16 Series 1. Looking for that high gloss McDavid YG. got trolled twice with the Oilers logo. Don't think he had any landscape cards in this set. Fun rip overall. Not often we get a shot at the big boi packs these days.
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    Random Hockey Hobby Packs

    16-17 Fleer Showcase. In search of Auston Matthews PMGs. 🦨
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    Random Hockey Hobby Packs

    21-22 OPC Platinum I've not opened any of this due to the gawd awful centering issues. The Byfield Hot Magma /499 at least looks decent. About $40 card right now.
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    Random Hockey Hobby Packs

    21-22 Ice Got a hit!! and a Rip card. Which had a base Kopari mini acetate. Sad really, they should all be atleast numbered if they are being counted as a "hit" for this product with no guaranteed auto.
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    Random Hockey Hobby Packs

    23-24 Series 1. Hit Blackhawks YG, a release too early.
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    Random Hockey Hobby Packs

    First up 14-15 SPA Yeah I'm putting the fillers in coz they help me with shipping and I've hit many this break.
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