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  2. Hornso

    Jam Masters

    Hi all, Looking to compete the Jam Masters Mosaic Prizm set (not base, not green - see pics). Looking for the following cards: 2019-20 #14 - Shawn Kemp #16 - LeBron James #18 - Zach LaVine 2020-21 #3 - John Wall #4 - Russell Westbrook #10 - LeBron James #11 - Vince Carter #12 - Luka Doncic...
  3. Hornso

    Mail day....

    Well done @taffster74
  4. Hornso

    The Ozcardtrader 2,000,000 post celebration thread!

    I’d say you’ve got just under a decade.
  5. Hornso

    A couple of big PC additions (for me)

    Cheers Dave! Appreciate it 😊
  6. Hornso

    For Sale 2022-23 cards for sale

    Wow, nice Horry! 😍
  7. Hornso

    The Ozcardtrader 2,000,000 post celebration thread!

    Less than 100,000 to go!
  8. Hornso

    I’ll be back!

    Best wishes, hope everything is ok.
  9. Hornso

    Detroit Pistons Revolution Want List

    This list is, and always will be, out of control bump. Please hit me up if you have any, especially lower end stuff.
  10. Hornso

    Who is buying and who is selling?

    Too many PC cards have become available at the same time recently. Unfortunately timing and lack of available funds has meant I’ve had to pick and choose…But happy with what I’ve managed to get my hands on.
  11. Hornso

    2023-24 NBA Season - Draft , hype, trades etc

    62 and they still couldn’t beat the Hornets!?
  12. Hornso

    Motor City Auto Project want list (Pistons autos)

    Still chipping away bump
  13. Hornso

    2023-24 NBA Season - Draft , hype, trades etc

    Giddey off the hook. @Iron Clad Lou can breathe again.
  14. Hornso

    Cost of living and trading cards

    Quite a few rare cards I've been looking for over the past 2-3 years without any luck are starting to pop up on eBay. Anyone else notice this?
  15. Hornso

    Show something off

    Look great
  16. Hornso

    For Sale Low End Sales, LeBrons, LJs etc

    Dumars refractor still available?
  17. Hornso

    Recent SMC Mailday

    Summary - Guy talks about card with an exceedingly enthusiastic tone in his voice.
  18. Hornso

    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    Had mine quickly sale through customs this week, but it was accurately declared at approx $250US
  19. Hornso

    2023-24 Prizm Draft Picks Mega Box

    Agreed. Prizm break look cool.
  20. Hornso

    Whats some good TV shows to watch?

    Thanks for the reminder. I need to check it out. Love Utopia.
  21. Hornso

    2024 box break day - 2021-22 panini illusions retail jumbo x1

    Even the base cards in this set look great.
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