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  1. pennysdaman

    For Sale/For Trade A few bits and pieces

    Assorted RC's, #'D and Inserts and Player lots....Mostly Base tho......Any thing in particular just ask and ill do my best to find.. Will Trade for 07 08 Finest and 13 14 Prizms i dont have.....OR make an offer will move at a reasonable price!! 12-13 Immaculate Chris Singleton/100 $8...
  2. pennysdaman

    Oldie but a newie...

    Hey Guys havnt been in and around these parts for a few years thought id activate my self again....hope to do some deals soon!!! Cheers Andrew
  3. pennysdaman

    Completed Big T gets Finest

    Troy gets Blake Griffin Auto Beasley Graded and a bunch of Finest Andrew gets some Paypal and Kobe's
  4. pennysdaman

    For Sale Blake Griffin Gold Standard AU /5

    Hey guys have this Blake Griffin Gold Standard AU #'D 2/5 LF $200AU ono... Also have this Michael Beasley Panini Timeless Treasures #'D 9/10 PSA NM-MT 8 $12 DLVD
  5. pennysdaman

    Could someone please Pump Up my Retro Bakin's?

    Hey Guys had 10 parcels from Borderlinx delivered today was very exciting a nice little Xmas present!!! First off ill start with some Jermareo Davidson's 2x 07 08 Exquisite's Nice 3 CLR Patch And a crummy 1 CLR 07 08 Finest XFractor Auto #'D 4/10 I now own 20% of the Print Run...hehehe...
  6. pennysdaman

    A story of Green, Blue and Penny

    Hey guys havnt had much in lately as ive been waiting for my Borderlinx packages to build up!Hopefully they will be here Wednesday sometime!! Anyways here is a nice little BUndle i got from COMC First up some more 07 08 Finest Blue REF'S which now only leaves my with 4 to complete set DJ...
  7. pennysdaman

    Completed Mr P hands over a Penny

    Brett will get some gifted paypal Andrew will get a Penny /25
  8. pennysdaman

    A Penny for your Thoughts???

    Hey guys got some new Pennys in thanks to a great member here!!Thanks again Dave!! First up somebody call 911!!! Because i got caught in a Net SPX Force McDyess/Hardaway/Dampier/Camby Now some #'D Stuff, Strange #ing.../3390, /10000, /4050, /2700 Some more Cool...
  9. pennysdaman

    Jam Session Ultra pro Pages

    Hey guys i'm after maybe 5 or 6 Jam Session pages the 6 card ones would prefer some new ones or close to new! Cheers
  10. pennysdaman

    Completed LeRoy is ULTIMATE

    LeRoy gets 03 04 Kobe Ultimate Auto Pennysdaman gets some cold hard Paypal
  11. pennysdaman

    Completed anakinleo and pennysdaman

    anakinleo gets a Kobe Patch #'d /24 pennysdaman gets some paypal
  12. pennysdaman

    Completed drsmart01 prescribes some pennys

    drsmart01 will get some paypal!! Pennysdaman will get a bunch of pennys!!
  13. pennysdaman

    For Sale Kobe Patch, Kobe Auto and Griffin AU

    Hey guys i have these cards up for sale Prices don't include shipping....Will only send Registered for the Blake Auto Blake Griffin Gold Standard Gold Mining #'D 2/5........$235 Ronnie Brewer Quad Patch #'D 22/25 $20 Daniel Gibson SP Rookie Threads 2 Different Patches $5EA Patch...
  14. pennysdaman

    Completed Pennysdaman goes Classic

    Pennysdaman gets 3, 09 10 Classics 2 base and 1 auto Chef gets some paypal!!! Agreed?
  15. pennysdaman

    A Goldly, An Ultimate, Patchy and some Pennys

    Hey guys i have some new stuff arrive first up some 2 Pennys from my Borderlinx Addy!!! Robinson, Griffin, Kobe Patch and possibly the Kobe Auto are for sale! Topps Finest Cornerstone Fleer Ultra Give and Take David Robinson Ultimate Patch /15 2 Colour Patch(barely)...
  16. pennysdaman

    Birthday mailday!!Wifey is a Champion!!

    Hey guys im not sure where the bday function thing is where the site told members when other members bday's are...Well anyways its mine today and im 30.....aghhhhhhhhhh So a few months ago my wife got something sent from the US and wouldnt tell me what it was i eventually got over it and...
  17. pennysdaman

    For Sale/For Trade Team Collectors Come Take a Look!

    Hey guys i know there are a few Team Collectors floating around the boards i have a Large-ish box full of Base cards sitting in my Card room waiting to be moved So ill charge 10c per card min buy $5 to make it worth while!!! Hit me up via PM or reply in here!!! I will not be searching for...
  18. pennysdaman

    Cancelled Elkyjnr & Pennysdaman

    Elky gets some Refractors Pennysdaman gets some coinage via paypal
  19. pennysdaman

    Completed smcglinchy & Pennysdaman

    smcglinchy gets some base for his 90's chase pennysdaman gets some silver sigs
  20. pennysdaman

    Completed Shammgod & Pennysdaman

    Shammgod gets EX base set Pennysdaman gets some coin via paypal
  21. pennysdaman

    Completed Nino get Touchy!!

    Nino gets 3 x 55pt one touches Pennysdaman gets $10 paypal...
  22. pennysdaman

    For Sale 3000+ inserts, Rose, Westbrook Love Ultimate

    Over 3000+ Inserts, RC's, Refractors 92 93 Upper deck 92 93 fleer/ultra to 94 95 Mostly have 06 07 - 08 09 And only a few inbetween!! So just PM for anything you may be after!! I also have the Following Base Sets for Sale 06 07 EX 08 09 SPA 07 08 Co signers 08 09 Hot Prospects 07 08 TTM...
  23. pennysdaman

    Some New stuff

    Hey guys havnt had alot of stuff come in, nothing high end just some to complete sets and some tradebait!! First up a draft bust @ #6 Joe Alexander Exquisite Michael Beasley 09 10 Timeless Treasures PSA 8 OHH and its #'D /10 Now for the Finest Set Chase...
  24. pennysdaman

    Completed DVL_402 & Pennysdaman

    Pennysdaman gets Jordan Hill RC/AU DVL_402 will get some paypal
  25. pennysdaman

    Completed A Kiwi goes Penny Bags!!

    Matt will recieve 2x Team Bags and 2x Soft Sleeves Andrew will receive some paypal!
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